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The misconceptions about interior designers

There are numerous stereotypes within this industry, but the largest one is that design is predominantly a female profession, and the men that do enter into it are, as this Journal Of Interior Design article by points out, ‘Gay until proven straight’.

This is most ridiculous in the year 2015! Obviously, design is a job open to any sex, and a man can easily be interested in this career where spatial reasoning is a predominant skill. Let’s put this myth in the garbage right now, shall we?

Designers Just Play With Fabric Swatches

A large part of an interior designers job is to make the living spacesfunctional, safe, and beautiful. They not only play with fabrics, paints and decorative items; they must determine space requirements, layouts, read blueprints from builders and architects, be well-versed in building codes and inspection regulations.
If you are working with an accredited designer, then you can rest assured they have attained a lot more from school than just the opposing colours on a colour wheel.

Designers are more than happy to design rooms to suit your needs, whether they be masculine or feminine. Image Source: Traci Connell

Interior Designers Are Unaffordable

This is a big one—a lot of people assume that interior designers are just for the rich. This is such a huge falsehood that stops most people from picking up the phone to call a designer for help.

Here is what everyone needs to know: Designers will work within your budget. If you only want help with one room, or just a wall colour—most are willing to offer advice for those very small projects. Pick up the phone and just ask them if they are willing to take on a small, budget-friendly job. You will be so happy that you did!

Designers Are Rigid And Uptight

We understand how this myth has been generated—television. Of course, there are a lot of design shows that highlight a rigid designer who seems hard to deal with; who expects things ‘their way or the highway’—we suggest that a lot of this is an act for television in order to garner great ratings.

Unfortunately, it may stop some everyday people to look toward a designer for help. Designers live just like the rest of us, they are not rich (well not many of them) and they are more down-to-earth than many people think.
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