The honeymoon phase in most marriages has a shelf life. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t extend it. All marriages go through rough patches. A number of them don’t survive long enough to come out to the other side unscathed. Still, there are many that still do. Here are 4 ways to keep the love alive in your marriage:

Make your own routines

It can be as simple as leaving your husband a sweet note with his coffee in the morning while he gives you foot massages at night. No matter what you decide on, these routines are a way to connect with your partner in the madness of a busy existence. The consolations of little rituals are love, safety, and trust, which help us survive the day in the outside world. If your spouse says she adores you and proves that with consistent gestures, you can be certain of it.

Respect your partner

When you want to have a healthy marriage, you should make your spouse feel that you’re equals, and that take you take his feelings into account in your decision-making or whatever it is that you’re doing. If you regard your spouse as if his sentiments don’t really matter, or if you always have the final say, then you are guaranteed to have an imbalance in your marriage. Make certain that you accord your significant other’s views the same seriousness that you bequeath your own, and that you take time to listen to your spouse and make him feel that you care.Happy-Couple
Make an effort to be kind, loving, and understanding to your spouse. When you are going through a bad day and you snapped at him, make sure you apologize. Lend her the basic respect she deserves instead of thinking that you can do everything that you want because you own her.

You must also respect your spouse’s privacy. Do not go snooping through his email, mobile phone, or computer, and often showing up in his office unannounced. It’s all right to surprise him with food from time to time at his place of work, but to do it frequently would be inappropriate.

Compliment your partner

Countless marriages suffer from chronic under-appreciation. There are spouses who do not feel appreciated, and they, too, don’t show their gratitude. The connection becomes obscured by a sense of lack and undervalue.

Hence, couples should always thank each other for even just a small act that they did – thank you for picking up the kids; thanks for the tasty breakfast. Not only will your partner feel appreciated, you also start training yourself to see the good because you are focusing your attention on the things they did, instead of the things they didn’t do.

Most importantly, always compliment your spouse on her appearance.

Develop trust into your marriage

It takes determination to make a marriage succeed. Therefore, you should make an effort not to flirt or get too close with members of the opposite sex. If you do, you can begin to view someone else as an alternative when your marriage encounters a bump in the road. Having an idea for a replacement will weaken your tenacity to work out your marriage. Trust is the groundwork of a happy marriage and it is what you have to work hard for all the time.