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Affordable Mini Bathroom Re-design

The elegance of natural stone in your home, with new granite bathroom vanity top, which is a great. You can now find granite tops at home centers. Prices are affordable depending on the size. Finish this bath makeover with a new faucet and mirror, and you'll still keep the price low.

Start by ordering new items and don't start the project until you have them all on hand. One should inspect all items for flaws (a common problem). Then tear out the old fixtures and repair the walls as needed. Keep the old vanity if it's in good shape.

Should paint it up to have a fresh look. Use a few spray cans to paint for getting a smooth finish and must avoid brush marks. And replace the old pulls with new ones to dress it up.

Next, paint the walls or at one wall apply wallpaper and add the new mirror. If your old mirror included a medicine cabinet, make sure the new one fits within the existing opening. Enlarging the opening will often expands your job considerably!
Now, mount the faucet, install your new granite top and connect the plumbing. If all goes well, will take a 3- 4 days span.

 You don't have to cover every wall to make a dramatic change. Papering just a single wall will even make a great change, that will make some of those fine, expensive papers or fabrics affordable. It'll also reduce the time, effort and mess of papering an entire room. This is an especially good solution for a room with plain walls, slim baseboards and no built-ins.

Start by taking a photo of your existing room and measuring its dimensions. Take these with you to the interior design or wall-covering store. Ask a specialist to help sort through options that will work well with your existing furnishings.

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