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5 Classic Rummy Mistakes You're Making Without Even Realizing

Rummy is played by players all around the world. People who are crazy about this game is exceedingly high when compared to other card games like Poker. Rummy is also actively played in Indian households as well on a regular basis especially on festive occasions like Diwali. Although, the rules of the game are pretty simple but there are occasions where even the veterans players of the game make huge blunders, eventually losing the game.

So, here we have compiled the list of mistakes which a player may make unintentionally either due to lack of knowledge or lack of concentration in the game. This will help you to take informed decisions while playing irrespective of the level of expertise you have in Rummy.
Let’s uncover the serious mistakes which hamper your chances of winning a good hand in Rummy.

  1. Forget to make a Pure sequence
    An infamous mistake attempted by most novice players of the game is forgetting to form a pure sequence of cards before declaring his/her cards. What everyone should remember is that a pure sequence is imperative to form in order for your combination of cards to be declared as valid.
    Forming a pure sequence is the first thing that should be done to ensure the minimum loss in the game even if you lose.

    For those who doesn’t know what a pure sequence is- they can read it over here.

    If your meld does not contain a valid pure sequence then your meld is liable to be declared as invalid and you lose the said hand.
  2. How to use Jokers
    Many amateur players are unaware of how to effectively use the joker cards. Jokers are essentially embedded in the game to make up for the missing cards in your meld. They act as a wild card i.e., they can be used in place of a missing card in a sequence or a set. Like if you have 2 and 3 (of Clubs) with you then you can use a joker in this sequence to complete the sequence either as A,2,3 (of Clubs) or 2,3,4 (of Clubs).

    However, an important thing to notice here is that you cannot use a Joker to complete a Pure sequence, it is considered as invalid.
  3. Dropping good cards
    A very common mistake indeed. People, sometimes, drop a very useful card in enthusiasm and realise later what they did. So, it is advised to keep calm and analyse the possibilities (possible card combinations) properly because one bad move can cost you to lose the game completely.
    Hence, sort the cards into possible sets and sequences as soon as cards are dealt then only move ahead with the game.
  4. Keeping high cards
    It is said that a player should remove the high cards from his hand as soon as possible unless they’re making a great sequence/set or a pure sequence. Dropping high point cards will minimise the total amount of points you lose in the game, if you do.

    However, keeping low-point card is advantageous in two ways i.e. one- you lose less number of points if you lose, two- you can form a number of combinations with the middle point cards. A win-win situation right! Use this in your next Rummy game and thank us later.
  5. Playing every hand!
    It is seen mostly with the novice players that they attempt to play every hand they’re dealt with, even when they have the worst cards with them. Overconfidence and over-enthusiasm motivate them to make such a move. While on the contrary they should fold such (bad) cards to reduce the damage in terms of points lost.

    Unless and until a player masters the art of bluffing, he should not attempt to play with a bad set of cards otherwise, the amount of points lost will be huge.

Keep in mind to not attempt these silly mistakes whenever you play Rummy so as to reduce the chances of losing the game. Play with an open mind, Rummy is a fun game. And constantly look out for more opportunities to win the game while complying with the rules of the game at the same time. You’ll surely become a veteran player in due time.

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