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Seven Benefits of Regular Physical Exercise

 Physical exercise is a recommended activity for all people of all ages, both healthy and ill, logically adapting the patterns of exercise to the needs, abilities and circumstances of each individual. Practiced in a habitual way, the physical exercise benefits has widely studied and demonstrated.

The benefits of physical exercise affect practically every system in the body, and are suitable for both prevention and treatment of a number of pathologies, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and others. Let us briefly review some of the most remarkable benefits.

Healthy Mind in Healthy Body

Physical exercise stimulates and cares for your mind. In older people, more and more studies support the recommendation to exercise regularly as a measure to reduce the progression of cognitive losses. Physical exercise takes care of your body, but also your mind. In addition, the exercise, the improvement, the well-being that it causes, are associated with greater mental strength and motivation. The exercise is optimism and improvement.

Muscles and Bones

Physical exercise stimulates and cares for your musculoskeletal system. The stimulus on the bone makes it more resistant, being more prepared to suffer and defend against intense stimuli. Diseases such as osteoporosis can be prevented and treated with proper exercise guidelines. In addition, exercise helps to have strong and flexible muscles, reducing the appearance of pain, discomfort and injury.


In problems such as asthma or allergy, exercise helps to normalize respiratory capacity, reducing the problem symptomatology. In diseases such as cystic fibrosis, physical exercise is an excellent friend to reduce to visits the hospital. In healthy subjects, exercise also helps maintain good respiratory health system.

At the level of the digestive system

Physical exercise also helps normalize bowel activity, control appetite and, in general, maintain a healthy state at an organic level.

It helps you in your work

 Whether your work is active or sedentary, physical exercise helps to face it with more capacity, both physical and mental, and reduces the number of casualties and their duration, which benefits the worker and the company.

Prevention and treatment

In cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, overweight, osteoarthritis, some types of cancer ... Physical exercise (properly adapted, of course) acts as a protective factor (preventive level) or as a treatment that can help to decrease the symptomatology.Running on best treadmills is best policy in this case.

Helps you rest

Daily exercise, associated with healthy habits and proper nutrition, helps the body and mind to achieve better relaxation, which guarantees a restful rest.

When we talk about exercise we usually refer to the general exercise recommendations, around 150 minutes throughout the week, or, as illustrated in this explanatory video, about 30 minutes of exercise a day, which Leaves with 23 and a half hours to engage in other activities and not put the excuse of lack of time. And you, what benefit of physical exercise do you prefer? Add it to the list!
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