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Wedding suits for men are one of the most integral outfits for an occasion. They vary from informal wear to formal zones. Here, having an option for suitable ensembles are crucial in order to fit in just right. 

There are many types of suits which can help in jazzing up the entire attire hence choosing the right fit and kind is important for wear. 

Grooms wear constantly changes keeping in mind with the latest fashion trends. Earlier, morning suits were a range with a period of long Edwardian styles with brocade waistcoats that ran in the industry for an indefinite time. Over the last few years, informal and individual trends have popped up which seemingly have created a huge impact on fashion. 

Formal, casual, suit and tie, or fashion forward- the choice is yours. 

-      The morning dress/suit: Traditional choice consisting of tail/waist coat and/or striped waist coat. Most often seen amongst the aristocrats from England, this is a supreme option for that posh groomsman. Morning suits are novelty options for early weddings.
-      The tuxedo: Classic black tie wedding wear, completed with velvet trousers and a bow tie which is ideal for evening functions or ceremonies. Avoid being experimental with patterns and prints because in this case, dapper is the only way to be classic edged.
-      White tails and ties: An all-white ensemble can never go wrong but pairing it with black shoes is a must in order to break the uniformity. So, there you have it, a white tie, suit, trousers and/or blazer. A white hat can be used too, but it is optional based on your preference. It need not go over the top, minimalism is crucial any time. Evening or morning, this is a popular ensemble in Ireland and the west coast; but we Indians are not lagging far behind!
-      Casual suit including jacket: A linen or cotton suit makes the outfit super casual and comfortable. This can be worn for the morning or evening for the guests attending the wedding since it doesn’t stand out and need not take the spotlight off the groom! In the winter, cotton can be replaced for wool and a blazer can be used instead to glorify the appearance a little more. It can also be accessorized with a quirky bow tie to further enhance the attire.
-      Slim cut 3-piece suit: This is a fun alternative for somebody who wants to bring forward a formal tinge to an informal appearance. It’s a fresh look especially when a clean choice of cufflinks and a retro fashioned tie is added. This is a modern take on the original 3-piece suit, and is gaining popularity all over the world. This is a well-defined piece which makes the body seem much more structured physically, hence being loved by all men.
-      Waistcoat & Bow tie: Going for the understated look of wearing only a waist coat and bow tie is popular for summer weddings. It is informal and relaxed. Though you can always opt to wear a blazer or jacket when winter is right around the corner.
-      Fashion forward suits:  These informal individualistic styles for weddings are totally based on preference and can be altered according to desire. Suspenders have replaced traditional suits for men and patterned bow ties have replaced the long ones. Satin trousers have become more popular than linen ones and patterned waist coats are trending since 2014.

Whatever your choice may be, keep it classy!
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