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Faith Healings & Miracles With Love

Life can be hard and at times so challenging that you do not wish to continue it any more. You lose hope and all faith in God. You seem lost and confused and look for light in the dark. It is here that you need divine intervention and an instrument of God steps in to help. Just like Jesus Christ who showed the path of love and light, there is another man of God who follows Jesus’ footsteps to heal the world, his name is TB Joshua.
TB Joshua is the head pastor of The Synagogue Church of All Nations or SCOAN. He helps people with emotional and physical illnesses restore their faith in God with his miracle healings. He says that millions of people come to the Church from across the world and it is home to the poor and needy who are in search of kindness. He says there are many poor and needy people that come to him for help. He states they are not responsible for the circumstances they are born into and this is the reason why he goes out of his way to help them. He says when life is tough, only prayer and fasting can help them. This will help them find light and receive the strength and the courage to live. 

He guides people when it comes to faith and healing of others with the aid of love. He says that if you look at the world today, you will find incidents galore of hate and terrorism. People are killing each other for no reason, they have in fact forgotten the language of God. It is here that he steps in and guides them back to the Lord. He says that when it comes to faith and life, there will be challenges. The road of life will never be smooth for anyone. There are difficulties and hardships. It is here that you should pray daily. Daily prayers will help you revive your faith in God and move ahead. He is there to carry you and protect you- so keep the faith and know the good Lord is always there for you. 

Millions of visitors every year 

There are millions of visitors that come to the Church every year. They come to TB Joshua for faith healings and the famous anointed water that he gives them. He says that water flushes out toxins from the body and soul. Both should be aligned for a healthy and top quality life. The Church welcomes everyone from across the world. It never distinguishes between the rich or the poor. If you wish to visit SCOAN, you should contact the Church authorities and wait for an approval. Once your visit has been approved, you may book your travel and stay in the Church. In case, you are going for a healing trip and cannot travel, you may send someone as your proxy. The kind TB Joshua welcomes everyone and he will heal you with the grace and blessings of God!
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