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Top 5 Formal Shoes for Men by Metro Shoes

Metro shoes have been operating for almost six decades and have made a name for it. It has constantly strived to achieve excellence in the manufacture of footwear ever since it began making shoes. Its vision is to become the biggest and the best shoe company in India and works hard towards that goal. The high quality of products on offer by the company is helping the company achieve its goals. People keep flocking to the outlets of Metro Shoes because they have become aware of the brand and its high quality footwear.

Following is a list of the Top 5 Formal Shoes for men being offered by Metro Shoes presently.

1. Davinchi Black Formal Brogue:

A classic shoe with a patterned upper body, this shoe screams ‘fashionable’. It is made of multiple pieces of perforated sturdy leather uppers and serrations along the visible edges of each piece. It is classic footwear and is applicable for use in all occasions. This interior and exterior surface of this shoe is of leather and the sole is also leather. This piece of footwear is a classic style statement and one can be sure of appreciation upon notice by anyone. A great addition to your wardrobe, if you decide on it, the workmanship from Metro ensures that you can use it for many a year with proper care and maintenance , this is the best part of such brand and product .

2. Red Tape Tan Boots:

This shoe is meant for people working in offices that don’t force strict shoe styles, and for use on weekends in offices that do, these boots are a great choice. The bright color attracts attention of all and you can be sure of positive comments by all the people you interact with. Pair them with a white shirt and blue jeans and you are set for the relatively quiet day at work. This shoe uses leather for its construction, both inside and outside and this makes it very comfortable to wear all day, every day. The rubber soles provide superior grip and traction and can be used for outdoor activities as well. A stylish footwear that provides comfort and luxury, it is great choice for the young professional.

3. Florsheim Black Formal Comfort:

This shoe was designed keeping the comfort of its wearer in mind. Smart and classy with easy to use and maintain features, this shoe is a great addition to wardrobe of the elegant man. A slight heel to boost the height and promote correct posture, this shoe is a mark of no non-sense attitude. The interior and exterior surfaces are made of pure leather and the sole is made of PolyUrethane(PU) that offers solidity and comfort simultaneously. A rounded front and thick heel make it ideal as walking shoes and the design features the use of an intricate braid that adds a dash of style and fashion to the serious shoe. A must have for any gentleman.

4. Red Tape Black Derby:

This is great shoe that has international claim to fashion. A neat and sleek shoe, it is appropriate for wear, both in and out of office. A sure-shot eye catcher, this shoe shall garner enough complements from admirers that you shall happily wear them to bed. The leather used in construction is of a very high quality and is used for the interior as well as the exterior surface of the shoe. The sole is sheet type and offers stability and toughness throughout the day. The workmanship leaves nothing more to be desired and is a hot favourite among professionals. The patterned surface offers a subtle style statement that is sure to make your day.

5. Davinchi Black Formal Oxford:

The absolute classic and the gentleman’s choice of footwear for a formal occasion, the black oxford shoe by Davinchi is the latest offering by the house of Metro Shoes. This shoe celebrates the classic style statement with use of leather on both interior and exterior surfaces. The leather on the interior surface is very soft and smooth and the shoe is sturdy and feels tough and long lasting. The sole is made of PolyUrethane or PU. A traditional formal shoe, it has the classic understated charm of the old world and is highly desirable by the young and old alike.

The Metro Shoe Company constantly provides high grade products and the above list is a partial description of the shoes on display. Go and check for yourself and be prepared for a treat.
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