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Best steroids used by Alistair Overeem

People are really into sports must have heard the name of the famous athlete Alistair Overeem and his suspension issue in 2012. He is born in England but his family roots give him the identity of a Dutchman. He is best known for his mixed martial arts and performing in different heavy lifting or weight lifting competitions. He has even won many fighting trophies and titles. The man is 35 years old and is currently taking part in the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a fighter. Alistair has even overcome DREAM (a Japanese practice of mixed martial arts), Strikeforce and K-1 World heavy weight titles. The other fighters defeated by Alistair in these fighting competitions are the renowned Mark Hunt and Brock Lesner. If you want to know how Alistair survived such tough competitions and maintained physical fitness, read his online reviews on steroid action and performance enhancement.

Did Alistair use steroidal medications during his fighting life?

If you look into the internet and search on the topic of Alistair’s life history, you will know that there are lot of controversies associated with his game play strategies and use of illegal performance enhancing drugs before tough sports acts. There isa report on steroidlywhich states all the hormonal regulatory medications used by the fighter during his lifetime of sports and legal cases related to drug abuse. Alistair is known for doping and has been in the news quite a lot of times because of his negative popularity.

In 2012, Alistair was tested for steroidal medications and other similar hormonal injections to which the fighter failed in giving negative results. This happened when his fight was announced against the Ultimate Fighting Championship junior champ Dos Santos. The test showed extremely high levels of the sex hormone testosterone which caused incredibly intensified anabolic and androgenic effects in Alistair. The levels were so high that it even crossed the maximum hormonal levels that have been approved under the UFC rules. Alistair was soon replaced in the fighting competition opposite Dos Santos and brought him right in front of the headlines.

The English born Dutchman pleaded not to confirm his suspension stating that his personal physician gave him an anti inflammatory medication for the purpose of healing is recent injury of the rib cage. He even added that the medicine contained very high percentage of testosterone which resulted in the increased levels of the hormone in the body. Although later this justification made by Alistair was not taken into account and he was suspended for nine months, after which he was asked to reapply for the competition.

Which medication was used by Alistair for anabolic gains?

The most predominantly found steroidal trace in the body of Alistair was characteristic of the male sex hormone testosterone. For the purpose of upgrading his athletic skills, Alistair took resort to high doses of the hormonal supplement which accelerated RBC count, reduced fatigue and recovery time, increases protein production in muscle tissues and preserved their lean structure from degrading.

Most of the consumers take testosterone in the form of injections than pills. Viewing a report on Steroidly proving the legitimacy of the hormonal medication will help you with effective guidelines for administering the dosage correctly to get a body like Alistair rapidly.
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