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Top beaches in and around NYC

Come summer you may feel like escaping the chaos and fast-paced life of NYC and be at one the of many nearby beaches. You might feel like packing your bags and reaching a place where surf, sand and sun are in abundance. If so, the city has an extensive coastline with 14 miles of beaches for families, couples and individuals to enjoy sunbathing, swimming and a lazy summer day. Be it the Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn, you can choose any of these boroughs for a perfect day-out at a beachside and expect loads of fun with family members or friends.    

Here’s a list of the top beaches in and around NYC:

Coney Island Beach
Head to Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn and be at perhaps the most famous beach in NYC. Coney Island is teeming with energy and activity throughout the year, with locals and tourists occupying it in big numbers, even during the winter. For decades, this beach has caught the attention of people looking to spend a lazy summer day at a vibrant place. From swimming, riding a roller coaster, and simply lounging around, all are a possibility here. Plus, visitors can also enjoy a concert and visit an aquarium nearby.    

Rockaway Beach
Plan a visit to Rockaway Beach in Queens if you want to enjoy surfing. The beach is also perfect for families looking for a lazy day in the company of sun, sand, and waves. Expect plenty of snack shacks and outdoor sports at this place for a great family day out. Food joints, surf camps and surf schools are some of the other attractions at this famous beach.

Sandy Hook
Sandy Hook is at the northern tip of the Jersey shore and rated a pure delight for sun-seekers. This pristine beach on a small peninsula draws locals and tourists alike for its seven miles of beaches and dunes. Here you can go on hiking and biking on trails. Once you are done soaking up the sun, you can take time to learn about its history, with two of the country’s oldest attractions located here, the National Historic Landmark and the Sandy Hook Lighthouse.

Jacob Riis Park Beach
Jacob Riis Park Beach in Queens is a great choice if you are short on time and don’t want to go farther than the city limits. It’s one of the closest beaches to NYC, where crowds are fewer and sand beaches look more spacious than other places. Apart from sun, sand and waves, visitors can play volleyball, fly kites and try a round of golf (at the Brooklyn Golf Center).       

Brighton Beach
Plan a visit to Brighton Beach only if your idea of a lazy summer day involves spending time at a quiet and less crowded place. The beach is mostly quiet with locals seen lazing around on the foamy sand. Be at the beach and add a much-needed peace to your New York City tours itinerary. Apart from indulging in the usual beach activities, you can check out restaurants offering vodka, jams and plump dumplings. Don’t go expecting the vibe and vibrancy of a crowded place, as it’s a beach for peace-loving souls.
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