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AOPEN may not be a commonly recognized name but rather chances are you've run into their innovation and never at any point knew it. From computerized signage and purpose of-offer to desktop arrangements and booths, AOPEN has been a backbone in the business Chrome OS biological system. On the off chance that you have ever interfaced with a computerized sign, or had your request taken by means of a touchscreen stand, odds are great it was an AOPEN gadget. 

In 2015 AOPEN started joint effort with Google to deliver business review items adapted towards ease, quick sending and security. Not exclusively do they offer equipment as their Chromebox and Commercial Chromebases, AOPEN offers various programming answers for organizations to make customized items and in addition incorporation with heritage programming. 

This week AOPEN reported the arrival of two new Chrome OS items to their line-up of advanced arrangements. The first we are really comfortable with and didn't know it. In October of a year ago we gave an account of another RockChip-based Chromebox codenamed "Fievel" and it creates the impression that AOPEN's most up to date expansion is, truth be told, that gadget. The Chromebox Mini, is currently the littlest undertaking prepared newest chromebox accessible. 

Chromebox Mini Fievel – key components:
Fanless/non venting opening outline 
CPU:Quad-Core Cortex-A17, up to 1.8GHz 
Measure: LPDDR3 Dual Channel 4GB 

Capacity: EMMC 5.0 16GB 
WIFI+ BT4.0: 802.11 b/g/n/air conditioning + BT4.0 x 1 
Alongside the Chromebox Mini, AOPEN has discharged another, tablet-sized Chromebase. Created close by 'Fievel', the we discovered this gadget in the storehouses under the codename 'Tiger'. At 10.1 inches, the Chromebase Mini suggests what a Chrome OS tablet could be. While the usefulness is the same as its bigger 22″ sibling, the adaptability of a 10″ gadget changes the scene of it utilize case drastically. I envision, much as I'm certain AOPEN did, strolling into a retail location and associating with a delegate as they explore their Chromebase Mini to help me in my buy. Much like a huge number of retailers do with iPads and Android tablets now just with a gadget composed particularly for the errand and in all probability a great deal more savvy.
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