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How to Use the Joker Card Accurately in Rummy?

Rummy is a popular and highly engaging card game that is played by people in India. You can also play rummy online when you don’t have people to join you in the game in offline mode. Once you master the use of ‘Joker’ card, you can use it intelligently in your game.

Joker – The Game Turner!

Rummy consists of a complete deck of cards using the full pack of 52 cards. Joker is considered as a wild card in Rummy which can also be used a replacement to any other card. The Joker card can turn the tables completely and hence a masterstroke of the use of this card can steal the game in your favor.
Owing to this, Joker is given immense significance in the game of Rummy and it increases the probability of victory. Some of the basic points to remember about the Joker cardbefore you play rummy are listed below:
  1. Re-arrange the group of cards in your hand and complete the game at the earliest.
  2. A pure sequence is a must to complete the game which includes atleast three consecutive cards of a same suit.

Joker and its Types

There are 2 types of Joker cards that are used while playing rummy:

Printed Joker

In a pack of 52 cards, there are 2 Jokers always available. These are called as Printed Jokers which are used as a replacement or to complete a pure sequence of the game. Example of a pure sequence: King, Queen and Jack belonging to the same suit or numbers in sequence consecutively like 5,6 and 7 belonging to the same suit.

Cut Jokers

When you play rummy online,the pack of cards is shuffled in a random manner and 13 cards are distributed evenly among each player. 
  1. After the cards are distributed, 1 card is taken out at random from a closed deck which is declared as the cut joker for the current game.
  2. It is important to remember that all the cards that belong to the same rank will be considered as cut joker for the current game irrespective of its suit.

Mandatory Note while using Jokers in Rummy

  • If you are all set to use a joker to complete your pure sequence then it is mandatory to have a pure sequence completed prior using the joker and then you proceed to meld a group using a cut-joker.
  • The game of rummy becomes more interesting when the jokers are used in appropriate manner in an intelligent way with many tricks involved and attempts to win the game in a fair manner.
The Final Say:

Rummy is a fun-filled and engaging game and it gives your brain a good work-out with various tricks to use the joker card wisely. You can play rummy online to learn and practice with other players. So, get started and use the joker card accurately to enjoy a fabulous game of Rummy!
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