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Service Providers For Business Phone Numbers

Many new technologies are invented and still such technologies are on growth. It has also assumed that new technologies will also come in nearer future. Due to this development, everything has become small and is connected with each other. This development of technology has positive impact on business industry and this is only reason that people have started their own business. Even a person from one country to person from another country will connect within seconds. Both of them will not face any problem. One advantage of this advanced technology is business phone number that is more need of all types of business industry. Business phone number are one of specific phone numbers and you will get only business regarding calls on this number.

If you have your business and you want to satisfy your customers and give them all best services, business phone number is only one way. Update your phone number on your product website so that they can call you at once when they want to solve their queries. Now, question is from where you can get business phone number. Many service providers are here in the market those will provide you business phone number. For your help, we have given some best service providers in this article. Choose the one that will be able to fulfill your all business need.


Grasshopper is one of business phone number service provider which uses your current mobile phone number instead of any VoIP setup system. User will have to pay charges for using all unique features of grasshopper at Cost $ 12 per user per month. Grasshopper also includes:

·         Call forwarding
·         Voice mail to text mail
·         Call routing system

Skype Number

One of grasshopper alternative is Skype, which will provide you a number that may be normal number and you just have to pick call on your computer. Using Skype number will show your professional appearance. With a Skype number, your friends or family members may call you at any time without Skype.

Google voice:

Another grasshopper alternative is Google voice provides you a phone number that will support your business but it is valid only for one user. You will get all your business related calls on mobile or landline. You have to setup your google voice number and then connect it to your mobile or landline. Download Google voice app in your system or in your mobile that will allow you to make phone calls or receiving calls. Features of using Google voice app are:

·         Text to email
·         Call forwarding option which can be customized
·         Blocking to unwanted caller

If you want multiple users then get business phone number from This mobile phone have number of basic features like make and receive calls for your business, allows you to check call logs and open contact book but one thing is that you required internet connection all time. Cost for using is $ 9.99 per user per month and it is varied according to minutes charged. Unique features using are here that you can access from your computer:

·         Scheduled calls
·         Send or receive fax
·         Covert voice mail to text mail
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