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Top 10 Best Ghazal Singers of All Time

Ghazal has been an irreplaceable part of our music. The peace, the calm and the depth of the music is just amazing. There is no other form of music that is as tranquilizing as listening to Ghazals. Also some of the stalwarts have just made the form even more amazing. Some of the best Ghazal singers of all times are:

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the name which is unforgettable in the history of Ghazal singers. He has given us some of the most famous and melodious songs.
  • He was also a qawwali specialist, apart from Ghazals.
  • He has also worked in tandem some of the American Music Bands and singers like Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam.
  • He has also given music for some of the Hollywood films like Dead Man Walking and the Apocalypto.

Jagjit Singh

We have been listening to him, since the time we have started to understand what music is.
  • He is a maestro of Ghazals. There is no comparison to his golden melodious voice and amazing word pronunciation.


There is no one who can express emotions in their voice as she can.
  • She has redefined Ghazals and is one of the few females who have made their mark in this industry.
  • She can sing in many languages like Punjabi, Persian, Urdu and many more.

Ghulam Ali

He is considered as one of the best Ghazal singer of his era.
  • He had a particular style of singing.
  • Nobody can match him in the variations he used to bring in his voice.

NusratFateh Ali Khan

The world of Ghazals and Sufi songs is incomplete without his name.
  • A Pakistani musician who has not only given us some of the best Ghazal songs, but also some of the most melodious Bollywood songs in the past few years.
  • His death marked an end to a unique style and form of music.

Runa Laila

Few would have heard the name of this Bangladeshi Ghazal singer, but she is one of the most melodious female Ghazal singers.
  • She is a Bangladeshi, but started her career from Pakistan. She has also done playbacks for many heroines in many movies.
  • Her best known song in playback singing was the song “Duma Dum Mast Kalandar”.

Mehdi Hassan

He was an amazing singer from Pakistan and has done Bollywood and Lollywood singing apart from ghazals.
  • He started his career from being a radio singer and then moved on to achieve great height in his career.

Pankaj Udhas

Anybody who has heard the name music would have heard his name.
  • He is the man behind popularizing the name of Ghazal form of music in India.
  • His voice is calm and serene. The melody is unimaginable. You will be lost in a new world listening to his songs.

ShafqatAmanat Ali

He is a one Pakistan born music who has gained a lot of popularity in Indian music industry.
  • He has also sang songs for the popular movie “KabhiAlvidaNahinKehna”
  • He is not just a singer, a lot of his popular songs are even composed by him. He is a man with multiple talents.
  • He has also received Filmfare 2012 Best Male Playback Singer Award.

Talat Aziz

He was born and brought up in Hyderabad in India. He has given popularity to the compositions of many Hyderabadi poets.
  • He is a fearless singer who has sung flawlessly in front of a crowd of 5000 people.
  • He has sung some of the many beautiful Ghazals like KaiseSukoonPaun.
  • He has also done playback singing for some of the bollywood actors.
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