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Best Things About Nepal Trip From India

The Partial knowledge in a tip-of-the-tongue is always dangerous. When we hear about a place from others, we tend to form stereotypes and develop some preconceived opinions in our mind about that particular place without feeling a need to confirm the actual truth.

 From our childhood, we have been told several things about Nepal. One among them is that Nepal is a very small underdeveloped country made up of mountains. But the truth is that Nepal is a very beautiful and interesting country. And it is not only about mountains, there is much more to explore in this country.   Only a Nepal Trip From India can help you in busting all these myths about this small and a very beautiful landlocked country.

·         Things You Will Come to Know During Nepal Trip From India

The stunning landscape, epic trekking trails, rich culture and, hospitable people are some qualities that reflect the specialty in Nepal but there are some facts about this country that a very few people are aware of.  Following are some of the amazing things about Nepal that you will come to know while visiting places in Nepal: 
1.      The drivers in Nepal make use of horn as sonar to prevent mishaps on road. You will love it when you yourself will be driving a car in Nepal
2.      Dal- Bhat of Nepal brings a hearty appetite. It is made of rice and lentil soup.   It forms the Staple food of Nepal and Nepalese eat it two times a day.
3.      Unlike India when someone calls you fat in Nepal, it is taken as a compliment.  It is considered as a sign of having a healthy body.
4.      The Nepal is a land of several records. The world’s highest mountain peak Mount Everest is in Nepal. The world’s deepest gorge Kali Grandkid in Nepal. It is 1200 meter in length.  In addition, the highest lake on earth, the Tillich Lake which is 4,919m in length is also in Nepal.
5.      Nepal may be a small country but seven UNESCO world Heritage sites within a radius of just 15 km are present in this country.

·         Some Activities to Enjoy During Nepal Trip From India

1.      Trekking and Hiking  
Trekking and Nepal are synonymous to each other.  The country hosts some of the most beautiful and trekking routes in the world. The Nepal is an enchanting destination for trekkers and hikers of all types, there is not even a small iota of doubt about it. It provides unparalleled trekking and hiking opportunities to adventure loving people. The urge to climb Mount Everest at least once in a life brings millions of people to Nepal every year. The specialty in Nepal is in its cultural heritages that are the true evidences of its rich past.

2.      Himalayan Panoramic Mountain Flight
 Trekking the Himalayas may not be the cup of tea of everyone but that does not mean you cannot see the top of the most majestic peaks on the earth. You can take a Himalayan panoramic mountain flight tour and enjoy eye-level views of Himalaya Mountains. 
3.      Visit a Chit Wan National Park
 The Chit wan National Park in the country is the habitat of over 500 species of birds (most of them migratory), one-horned rhinos, bears, crocodiles, Asian elephants and Bengal tigers. The park is spread over 332sq miles. 
 The mountain biking is one more popular adventurous activity that you can enjoy during your Nepal Trip from India.  The challenging patches make the riding more exciting.  
4.      Tailpiece
The best way to enjoy your Nepal trip from India is to hire a tour guide that will conduct a Kathmandu sightseeing tour for you in the real sense. The Nepal is also famous as the land of temples and shrines. A guide for your Nepal Trip from India will help you in selecting the right destinations.
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