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Diabetes as the Cause of Sexual Problems

While patients are still shy inquiring their doctors about sexual problems, and doctors don’t feel comfortable asking their patients about details on sexual function, problems with sexual performance and satisfaction can signal many health issues. For patients who already have diabetes sexual disorders can indicate blocked arteries, damaged nerves and even wrecked hormones. Many men with ED often learn later that they have diabetes. Therefore, people who have diabetes should be aware of sexual functioning issues that can affect both sexes. 

ED. Consistent inability to get or maintain an erection even if a man has normal amounts of hormones and a desire to have sex, is often attributed to nerve and blood vessels damage that control erection. Diabetes causes damage to arteries and veins in the genital area,and impairs muscle function. Damage to autonomic nerves that control internal organs involuntary lowers the body’s response to sexual stimuli, which contributes to ED. 

Diabetics having trouble achieving or maintaining erection can receive oral medications like Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil, Avanafil or their generics available at www.best-pharmacy.net or at any retail pharmacy. They have proven to be effective by increasing blood flow to genitalia and helping men get a satisfactory erection. The only thing, if you have heart problems, make sure these drug are appropriate for you as they may cause dangerous interactions with heart medicines. 

Retrograde ejaculation. Poor blood glucose control and nerve and internal muscles (sphincters) damage arising from it can cause retrograde ejaculation. It means that the semen enters the bladder, mixes with urine and excretes during urination. This condition doesn’t affect orgasm, but makes it difficult to father a child.

The problem may be helped by medications like Midodrine, Ephedrine or Imipramine that strengthen the muscle tone of the bladder sphincter and aid in keepingit closed during ejaculation.

Low libido. Chronic high blood sugar levels can lead to reduces testosterone level, which may contribute to decreased interest in sex. Men, especially those whose condition is poorly controlled, may also have a disbalance of other important hormones, such as prolactin or thyroid hormones that all add to the problem. 

UTIs and bladder problems.Diabetes can damage nerves that control bladder function, leading to such problems as overactive bladder, urine retention and poor control of sphincter muscles. UTIs resulting from bladder problems can cause discomfort during ejaculation for men and during intercourse for women. These complications are generally temporary and reversible, but can often recur. Therefore sexual activity should be stopped during antibiotic treatment.

STDs. Sexually transmitted infections can be easily caught by diabetics due to dry cracked skin. This makes it more important to practice safe sex if you already have diabetes.

Neuropathy. Chronic high sugar leads to abnormal nerve function, resulting in pain with even a gentle touch. This heightened sensitivity to pain often makes sexual relations uncomfortable.

Apparently, diabetes is behind many sexual problems. It is important to report symptoms early and take action to control glucosebecause tissue damage cannot be reversed, but can be slowed and treated.
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