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Do your joints pain often? Be careful it can be arthritis

The busy work life balance surely has taken a toll on the human body. Every second person you meet around is suffering from something or the other. As the ageing process speeds up, so does the wear and tear of the body. Blood pressure, fluctuating sugar levels, heart diseases are common diseases now. Equally torturing in midst of these problems is joint pain, which is commonly known as arthritis. If you are experiencing any kind of inflammation in the joint areas of the body, it is very likely that arthritis is beginning to develop in your joints. Any delay in acting after early symptoms of joint pain can cause long term damage to the joints. When such a condition arises, you should consult a doctor and get it thoroughly checked before it develops into something big. 

It is observed that the pain on knees is more frequent in people as compared to pain in other joint areas. Knee arthritis can become a serious complication if ignored. Though ageing is one of the unavoidable factors which cause arthritis, however, there are several other reasons which one can avoid by taking proper precautions and care. Obesity or excess weight is one such non-ageing factor. The entire weight of the human body falls on the knees and ultimately on the feet. Prolonged pressure of the body weight triggers the pain in knees. One of the other reasons can be injuries in joints, or if you have a low immune system it should not come to you as a surprise that some microbial infection can cause joint pain. The other reason can be the type of physical work your occupation demands. Those who are involved in sports which demands continual kneeling, jumping or running are more prone to arthritis in the knee.

How to deal with it

There are medical and non-medical cure for arthritis. Exercise, losing weight, rest intervals and being watchful about the physical activities you are involved in are the best ways to get rid of the pain rather than opting for a surgical procedure. Physiotherapists are the trainers who can diagnose the joint pain the patient is suffering from and initiate proper procedures to eliminate pain. They recommend physical exercise that can relieve the muscle around the joints and reduce the cartilage loss.Losing weight is another thing that is advised as if you are obese you will automatically put pressure on the joints and it can also cause arthritis in the knee cap. Constant working can also take a toll of the muscles around the joints in the knees. Taking rest at intervals is a safe option in such a case.

Surgical procedure for knee arthritis is not generally opted and recommended unless it is severe. Surgery that involves knee replacement is the last resort one looks for if all other methods of treatment have failed to relieve the patient from acute pain. Knee replacements are of two kinds – partial and total. The former one involves smaller incision and as a consequence causes lesser pain while the later one is a complicated process and generally involves a larger recovery time.
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