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Is Luxury Rehab Worth Every Penny?

To be set free from your drug/alcohol addiction is priceless and this is why it is worthwhile to join a luxury rehab. Freedom from your addiction allows you to live a full life and be in good health condition. The purpose of going to a rehab is to recover from your addiction and the degree of recovery all depends on what kind of amenities the rehab provides. You are paying for what you get at the luxury rehab. The luxury amenities, advanced drug recovery facilities and professional staff at the private rehab all contribute in giving patients the highest chance of recovery.

When you enroll in a luxury rehab, you get to attend a detoxification process that is supervised by medical professionals carefully. Having paramedics around when you are undergoing the detoxification process is important because withdrawal symptoms can be deadly if it is not handled in the right way. Public rehab does not provide this level of care for the patients when they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. 

You will be assigned to a private room so you don’t have to share rooms with others. The room has a queen size double bed with comfortable mattress for you to rest and sleep. You have access to your own bathroom so you don’t have to queue up to use a bathroom. During your meal, you will be served with your choice of food on a large dining table. In a public rehab, all the patients will eat the same food at a canteen and the food is usually cooked with ingredients that are not fresh. 

Luxury rehab is worth it because you will receive individualized private treatment. Patients can get customized treatment plan depending on their unique conditions such as mental illness, lack of social skills, marital issues and other types of relationship problems. 

The best rehab will provide dual diagnosis to help addicts that are experiencing psychological issues. Many people who suffer from addiction also experience some sort of mental illnesses such as depression, and schizophrenia. Depending on the drug that the addict uses, he may develop different types of symptoms such as anxiety attack and insomnia. Most addiction starts from psychological issues so dual diagnosis plays an important role in the recovery of the patient.

Private drug rehab is located in a remote location that can separate the addicts from the triggers in their old environment. It can be hard to recover when you are surrounded by temptations. The private drug rehab provides a controlled environment and addict is not allowed to use drug. It offers a peaceful environment that is equipped with various types of facilities such as swimming pool, gym and massage center. 

Luxury rehab offers high quality post program support to help prevent relapsing among the addicts. Staff will regularly visit or make phone call to the patients to make sure that everything is all right in their lives. On the other hand, public rehab only recommend program like Alcoholic Anonymous to the patients.

It costs a few thousand dollars to enroll in a luxury rehab treatment per week. But, the cost can be offset if you have a health insurance plan. Non for profit private rehabs are available but there are only a few of them around and they have strict eligibility criteria. The high price tag of the luxury rehab treatment is due to the high quality facilities it provide and its prime location. 

If you want to use your insurance to cover the cost, you should check with them to see what types of expenses will be covered by your insurance. Some insurance will cover the majority of the expenses of the drug rehab treatment while others only cover a few charges so that you have to pay a large sum out of your own pocket.
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