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Looking for marginal trading? Check this

In the stock market, there are different types of trades are carried out by the traders. There are trades carried out in cash as well as an F&O market which is also known as future and options. The trader carries out trade in any of these segments as per his choice. However, there are some primary things which remain same, but at the same time, a few things also get changed. 

Cash and F&O segment: In the cash and F&O segment there are a few differences. In the cash segment, one can go as per the unit of the share while in F&O there is a lot size decided by the exchange only. The trader in the cash segment can decide his span of profit on the basis of the movement in the price of the shares while in the F&O one needs to calculate the span margin calculator NSE as per the lot size and movement of the prices. The basics such as the requirement of a trading account and margin money as well as the process of placing an order remain same in both the segments. For the trader in any of these segments, there is always an offline as well as online account and can decide the type of account as per own convenience. 

The profit making: The basic motive of a trader behind every trade is to earn some profit. The amount of profit may vary as per the change in rates as well as the number of shares or lots as well as the charges such as taxes and brokerage. Therefore while a trader wants to have F&O span margin calculator, he needs to consider a number of factors. He needs to check the lot size, the movement of the prices, the market sentiment, his margin money, his capacity to hold the lot and expectation of prices in the near future. Hence in case one wants to earn a specific amount he needs to calculate the prices and deduct all the charges. The earnings per share can be computed as per the lot size which can offer an amount of complete profit. Hence to calculate the profit in F&O is also not a difficult task but yes one has to be sharp in the computation of all the figures. 

There are many companies as well as service providers who can help the trader to carry out the trade in F&O as well as cash segment. However, one needs to see that the ultimate risk of the trade remains with the trader only and hence while carrying out various trades, he must have either sure information or concrete base that can only help him to have a true assumption of the prices. In a nutshell, one needs to see that he cannot carry out the trade just on the basis of hearsay only. He must check the facts and figures so that the exact calculation can be there and he can earn a good profit on every lot traded by him on the exchange. 
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