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Packing Techniques that Ensure Safe Relocation of Your Chattels

People get confused whether they should use old cardboard boxes available from friends or grocery store or spend money buying new ones. This solely depends on individual need as if something very precious and fragile to pack, then it is worth spending money on new and sustainable boxes for the safety of treasures.

 Things to Take Care of While Moving With Best Movers and Packers in Kolkata
  1. Ideal Packing Techniques
  • Select suitable side of cardboard box and seal the entire bottom properly by using sealing tape from inside and outside. It is to be cover the entire bottom centre up to the box sides about one third of the length. This will ensure that box can safely hold the weight of the packed item kept inside.
  • Packing of antique pieces, rare wallpaper and other breakables demands extreme caution. Keep thick thermal sheets in multiple layers on the bottom of the box first. Office Shifting Services Kolkata wrap valuable items into high quality bubble wrapper and place it slowly in the middle of the box. Cover all sides with thermal sheets and feel all the extra gaps with paper crumbles and soft thick sponges to avoid any movement inside till moving is achieved.
  • Place thermal sheets on the top also and seal the box properly by sealing tap without keeping any gap inside the box. Put a label on the box with clear marks of Fragile, Handle with Care, This Side Up and other sings. It will alert mover while lifting and moving the box from one place to next.
  • Always use most advanced loading technology. While moving antiques and breakables ensure that nothing has kept on that box and covers it with blanket. Equal amount of caution is required while moving and unloading these boxes.
  1. Cautions While Buying Boxes
  • Always prefer medium size of boxes in more quantity rather buying few big size ones. Medium size boxes can carry 25-30 kilograms of weight and one can set packed items nicely with less chances of damage. There is always a more chance of damage while using big size box due to piling things on one another.
  • There will always be some different size of movable items which require particular sizes of box. Always use packing box of a little big size then the size of valuable, so enough packing material at all sides to protect possession from any jerk and damage while moving.
  • Use high quality wrappers, extra padding, soft thick sponges, paper crumbles, sealing tapes and other packing material for safe packing.
So these were some tips that you should take care of while moving from one place to another.
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