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Tips to Follow in Case You are Planning a Trek This Holiday Season

Want to plan a trek this summer? Do check these important tips before you do so! Do check out Dandeli Holiday packages for the best deal.
  1. Decide How Long You Will Trek
You need to decide that for how long you would trek. Different trekking sites have distinct distances. Some can be covered within a matter of hours and some on the other hand need at least an entire day. Therefore, you need to decide the distance and duration as that will help you determine the number of supplies you need to carry for successfully finishing the trek.

  1. Assess Your Level
You yourself will be the best judge. You need to assess what your level as a trekker is. In case you a complete amateur, you need to start slowly and gradually. There is no smartness in sending yourself in the untamed wilderness that too for a day long trek when you do not even possess the experience for a 2-hour trek on a mapped path. You need to think intelligently. Pick smaller pathways and start small. Gather some firsthand experience and then move on to longer and complex paths. The Dandeli Holiday Resorts Package provides you with a wide array of such details that will guide you on this aspect.
  1. With Friends? Or Alone?
Another thing you need to figure out for yourself. Trekking can be done with a group of people as well as alone. However, you need to consider the fact that trekking alone can be a risky business as anything can happen up there and there is a high chance that no one will be there in case you need some help. Trekking with a bunch of people, on the other hand, is helpful in many ways. You get the company along the way and there will be plenty of people in case you need help.
  1. Let Others Know Where You Are
In case you decide to go solo, take some time and be smart. Inform others about your whereabouts and leave messages. Leave emails, text messages, voice mails etc. Tell them all the important details that might help them locate you in case something is to happen to you.
  1. The Things You Need Before You Go On Trekking
  • Food and Water – These items are without any question necessary at all costs. You cannot simply skip these items from your list. Water, especially, is most important of all. As a matter of fact, you can still survive without food for days, but a lack of water will not allow you to survive. As far as food is concerned, carry nonperishable long lasting items only.
  • Compass and Cell Phone– A compass will come in handy when you are up in the hills and are looking for directions. But sometimes it is good to take advantage of modern technology when it is available so easily. Smartphones these days have pre-imbedded GPS which allows virtually anyone to be traced. Be smart and carry a fully powered cell phone.
  • First Aid Kit – If you are trekking in a group, any one member can carry the first aid kit. The first aid kit must carry the essentials such as bandages, ointments, gauze, antiseptic solutions, sunscreen, analgesics (painkillers), and scissors.
  • Mosquito Repellent– Mosquito repellent or insect repellent is a must whilst going on a trek. You never know what you might encounter while you are trekking.
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