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Tirupati: Why should one visit it at least once in a lifetime?

One of the most visited temple towns in the country is Tirupati, which is located in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, closer to Chennai. It is Lord Venkateshwara’s abode and acclaimed to be the holiest among all celebrated Vishnava Divya Desams or Tirupatis. The temple of the great almighty is located on tallest of 7 holy hills. The height at which the temple is located is about 3,200 feet. Devotees come in huge numbers have a glimpse of their favourite deity and to seek his blessings. Besides the temple, there are also other interesting temples and sightseeing places to visit. Added to this, is the different types of hotels catering to the varied requirements of the guests. Hence, the grandeur and splendour of the place is automatically increased, thus attracting people in millions to visit this spiritual destination at least once in their lifetime. 

About Tirupati

Getting the best Tirupati tour package from Chennai from a reputed travel agent can help the tourist to enjoy the tour and ensure that he is safe and sound throughout the trip. Lord Venkateshwara is said to be the world’s third richest God. This alone is said to justify the very reason for people to visit Tirupati. 

It is located about 67 km. away from Chittor and is in Southern Andhra Pradesh’s Chittor District. Also known as Tirupathi Balaji Temple, it is indeed a major pilgrimage in South India. The shrine at the main temple is richly constructed. It reflects Dravidian architectural style of those times and highlighted by tall Gopurams. Lord Venkateshwara is also known as lord of the seven hills. It is located on conglomeration of seven hills called Venkatechalam or Seshachalam at height of about 853 meters. The temple also is known to reflect colourful and vibrant culture and heritage, speaking volumes about its rich, great and wonderful past. 

Spending quality time at the Tirupahti temple

A wonderful way for spending the day at the Tirumala and show great devotion and dedication to Lord Balaji would be to plan the itinerary ahead. It is better to begin with Suprabhatam or also known as awakening along with the great almighty at about 3 am. and finish the day off with Ekanta Seva. This is done by having the lord put to sleep at about 10pm. Prayers are offered as utsavas and sevas. Getting Lord Tirupathi’s blessings is sure to make the visit worthwhile. Lord Balaji’s black idol is kept adorned always with studded stones and gold ornaments in huge numbers. People with deep faith in this presiding lord are known to donate jewellery, cash and other items of their choice at the Lord’s feet. Such is the popularity and poise of this temple, people is required to wait in huge serpentine queues for catching the lord’s glimpse. It is said that one has to stand in queue for a good number of hours before he gets to see the lord and seek blessings. Laddoo is offered here as prasadam. 

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