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6 Common Mistakes Rafters Commit While Rafting on White Water

White River Rafting is without any doubt one of the most exciting and adventurous water sport mankind has ever played in the history. But it comes with a certain degree of risk as well if the Rafter doesn't follow the directions and norms laid by authorities for rafting. The risks can be minimized if the White Water Rafters don’t commit the below mistakes while rafting. These mistakes are very commonly committed by the rafters. And most of the horrible deaths while rafting on white waters occur when people commit these mistakes. 

Here Are the 6 Most Common Mistakes People Make, When White Water Rafting Coorg:

1.      Don’t Drinking Enough Water: Most rafters don’t give importance to drinking water during rafting. Perhaps some people think when they are already surrounded by water, then drinking water to remain hydrated is not significant. But remember it is too much important to remain hydrated during rafting. Despite the cool river water surrounding you, due to hard work, you will be sweating.Even if your body might feel cold from the chilling water you will still get easily dehydrated.  So before rafting, drink plenty of water. To spice up the things to a little bit, you can drink juices that will rehydrate you to a large extent. 

2.      Mixing Rafting and Alcohol:  it can be very dangerous for your safety. Bring plenty of water onboard your Raft. If you have kids along with you, take care of them as well.  Give them enough juices and water to drink both onboard as well as before the rafting. 

3.      Avoiding Exposure to Sunlight: Due to wet surroundings, your body becomes slippery, so you will need some exposure to the sunlight. This will help your body metabolise Vitamin D which increases calcium absorption and makes our bones stronger. 

4.      Forgetting to Apply Sunscreen: To avoid the harmful consequences of sunlight on your skin, you can apply sunscreen on your body. It will not only protect your skin texture but will also avoid serious health problems like cancer. But don’t apply sunscreen below knees, because it will make your legs slippery and you will then struggle to hold on with your legs and stay on board. And not above your eyes because it can wash down into your eyes.

5.      Forgetting Rafting Kit to Take Along: Some rafters forget their paddle, Helmet, Spraydeck or Buoyancy and at the last minute, shake their head in exasperation when they see their rafting members are already on the water.  And without buoyancy aid, rafter can turn into a very dangerous sport.

6.      Taking Through Line Practice for Granted: The proper throw line practice is necessary for safe rafting. So you should first rafter on slow waters to gain some confidence and then practice rafting on fast moving waters.  

 So we thought it is important to tell you about these mistakes so that you can apply this knowledge to ensure safe White Water Rafting Coorg next time. Read and discuss these mistakes with your friends and relatives as well just to prevent any possible mishaps in the future. 
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