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Premises Liability and How to Handle it

If there are any types of injuries that are present on the premise of certain property, then the landlord will be responsible for the damage that happened to the resident.   If there is an innocent person that has a terrible injury on your property, then that person needs to find a premises liability lawyer to handle the claim. 

As the owner of the property, you are responsible for anything that happens to someone on your property.   This is premise liability, which is when the property owners are responsible for accidents and injuries that occur to people on their property.   Laws determine this and procedures depending on what type of injury occurred. 

The Three Legal Statuses of Visitors

Some states focus on the status of the property, but there are four different labels that almost every state uses.   The four general labels are invitee, social guest, licensee, and trespasser. 

An invitee issomeone who has been invited to the property by another person.   The property owner has made safety precautions to ensure that nothing is damaged.   

A licensee is someone who enters the property for his/her purpose, but the owner is aware and ok with that person on his or her property.   

The social guest is the most common visitor to the property.   It just means that there is a welcomed visitor to the property. 

A trespasser is the worst kind of visitor that can be on someone’s property.   This is someone that does not have permission to be on someone’s property.   The owner does not have to take any type of responsibly if this person gets hurt because he/she is not wanted on their property.
How To Get Help If Someone Has a Premises Liability Injury

If someone you love has a Premises Liability Injury, you need to speak to an experienced attorney that can provide you the help that you need.   The lawyer will make sure that you have legal rights and are protected any the legal dispute.   If the claim is valid, the lawyer will help you on the legal side of things. 
Be aware that it is not always all the visitor’s fault, the general rule is based on a variety of factors that will affect the final decision.   

In some cases, the fault is on both sides.  The property owner and the visitor both play parts in this situation.   In some states, there is something that is called comparative fault in injury cases like these.   Comparative fault means that an injured person’ legal damages can be reduced by a percentage that is equivalent to the fault of the incident depending on his/her situation. 
Special rules may also apply depending on whether the landlord has property.   The general rule is based on the lessors’ control over the property and has many exceptions.   Children on the property may also be one of these exceptions.   Regardless of any person on their property besides a trespasser, the owner must give a warning of any dangerous hazard when someone enters their property.     
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