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Renowned Educational Institutes offer Upgraded Courses

After the completion of 12th grade in science stream, the students have loads of academic courses to choose from. Among the long list of programs available, engineering is undoubtedly one of the sought after courses. While it seems attractive at the very first point, it brings along with it one dark problem- job market saturation. A large number of students opting for engineering program have led it to become saturated that is, it has become difficult for the engineering graduates to find their desired job.

If you are one of those aspiring students thinking of pursuing an engineering program, just don’t get scared of this fact, since there is a good way to deal with this major problem. The way to tackle this issue is to opt for the new branches of engineering that can offer numerous job opportunities; as such graduates meet the current demands of the society. Best University in Uttarakhand offers several new branches of engineering programs that will help you to enjoy an excellent career outlook in various fields.

Some of the new branches of engineering programs are discussed below that will help you to decide for your profession.

Ø  Biomedical: This program combines the study of medicine and biology. The graduates of this branch are trained to apply their knowledge and skill sets to biological and medical sciences. They assist in the advancements of healthcare treatment technology.

Ø  Biomechanical: Biomechanical branch includes the study of organisms and mechanics, and the concepts of this subject are applied to solve numerous problems. These professionals are on high demand; as they also work on solving environmental issues like, keeping waterways free from pollution. 

Ø  Bioinformatics: Bioinformatics is the study of the application of information technology in order to study the living things at the molecular level. These engineers collect, organize and use biological information to find answers in areas like evolutionary biology. 

Apart from the above discussed branches, reputed institutes in the country like, the best engineering university in Dehradun offer several other engineering programs that you can opt to enjoy numerous job opportunities and sketch a successful career graph. 
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