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Try out this hair care therapy twice a week and turn the game for your rough and dull hair in no time

We all want to have Rapunzel hair, smooth silky and oh so long. Damn these hair product commercials, which always comprise of beautiful models with luscious shiny hair, they always lure the customers to the stores. But always fail to deliver their promises.

We all would love to have a magic potion that automatically rejuvenates the old texture and smoothness of our hair, which we once had before all the styling and heat rods were put in it. Thanks to brands with nominal range like Reparex Hair Care Price in India, we can manage and get the old glow back on our hair, with their products.

Dry hair can be caused due to seasonal friskiness, dandruff, and split ends. They can decrease the quality of your hair causing excessive breakage and dullness. It becomes essential to condition and nourish your hair properly else you might end up with a horse tail on your head. So we have listed some homemade and other therapies to help you fight this dullness.

Home Made Therapy For Soft Shinny Hair
  • Egg Hair Mask
    Egg can really help in making your hair soft and dandruff free without using the harsh chemicals which are used in hair care products.

    Take two eggs; mix it with 4 spoons of coconut oil or olive oil. Now apply the mask directly to your hair and keep it for 25 minutes. Make sure to wash the mask properly else might cause you hair smell after the wash.

    Use this mask once or twice every week and you will forget that you ever had dry hair.
  • Banana Hair Mask
    This is a really efficient way of making your hair soft, however just make sure you have ample of time in your hand to clean your hair before you apply it on your hair.
  • Properly blend two bananas and add some tablespoons of milk in it, to create a thick mask. Now dampen your hair and apply the mask on your hair and keep it for 30 minutes.
    Avoid applying too close to your roots as it can get difficult to clean them. This mask will deliver better results than most expensive chemical treatments that you get in parlors.
  • Honey and Olive Mask Therapy
    This is amongst easiest masks that you can use more than twice on your hair every week, if you want to. Add a little honey into a couple of spoons of olive oil in a bowl and mix them properly. Now apply this mixture on your wet hair and let it nourish your hair for 30 minutes. Make sure to wash your hair with a natural shampoo and you will have shiny hair like all those models in your favorite shampoo commercials.

    Unlike Banana or Egg mask, this doesn't leave a nagging smell or isn't hard to clean, so anyone can use it whenever they like.
  • Weekly Oil Therapies
    You can do this therapy in the comfort of your home. Just take a couple of tablespoons of olive oil or any other hair oil of your choice and heat it. Now slowly massage the hot oil on your hair and let your hair relax, and absorb the oil in your hair. Oil can be an essential part of your hair routine which can help sustain the quality of your hair.

    So make sure to nourish your hair at least twice a week to keep your hair soft and healthy.
Chemical Based Therapies

Keratin Smooth Therapy

If you are looking for instant results then this is the perfect hair smoothing and softening therapy for you. Keratin Therapy can give you the hair of your dreams within 3 hours, which will only demand regular care and maintenance. Say goodbye to your dull and lifeless hair, as your hair will literally transform into the hair of your favorite actress in a couple of sessions. 

This therapy can cost you over 4000 bucks based on your hair quality and length, however, it is the best option for you in the market if you are looking for instant results. 

Tips For Soft Hair
  • Replace your chemical based hair shampoo, with a natural brand. 
  • Do regular oiling as it helps build a protective layer, which can help your hair fight against all the pollution. 
  • Minimize your heating rod usage. Regular straightening or curling can damage the texture or even burn your hair which can make them rough and dry forever. 
  • Get a regular trim. Split ends can slow the growth process of your hair, while also making them look lifeless and dry. 
  • Avoid washing your hair daily, but whenever you do make sure to use cold water and apply a hair conditioner after the shampoo.
  • Follow a healthy diet and drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. A healthy body can contribute to the growth of healthy looking hair. 
  • Avoid using heating tools like a blow dryer to dry your hair, instead, use a cotton based towel. 
  • Avoid bleaching your hair, as it can cause some permanent damage to your hair.

These are some of the tips and home-based therapies that can help you get the hair of your dreams. So follow these steps and make sure to tell us about your experience with these therapies.
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