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Why Photography Clicks in Today’s Social Media Savvy Generation

The age of technology has introduced innovations that allowed avid consumers of social media platforms to enjoy the power of digital photography with just one click. Before social media platforms such as Instagram transformed the way people do photography, capturing the perfect picture and eventually printing the final product takes several steps to complete. Today, any person can take up a smartphone and take quality pictures.

Below are other reasons that spurred the growth of digital photography across social media platforms.

Instant Connection with a Chosen Network

Social media platforms host millions of content every day, including news, messages, videos, and photos. Usage has increased over the years and now those who consume social media spans across different age, gender, and other demographics. In fact, users tend to visit social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, at least once a day. 

Current technology allows quick networking across various social groups in their favorite sites. Social media users look here for a quick update, whether it’s the daily community or national news or their friends’ social events calendar. Digital photos convey more than messages and have been the favorite means of conveying a social media user’s milestones. Current data indicate that people are actually posting and sharing 1.8 billion photos in sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat every day. In comparison, back in 2012, which is just five years ago, a little more than 300 million photos are being uploaded and shared on a daily basis. 

Printing With a Click

Hashtag printing is one innovation that is slowly catching up with the tech savvy generation. Instant message creation, overall experience, and peer connection dominate the way people interact today. Hashtag printing satisfies those needs. 

This method has been trending nowadays and works by using a smartphone plus a software hooked up to a smart printer that can read hashtags. The process basically mimics how social media users disseminate their photos online. All photos with the same hashtag are identified by the software and can be printed at the same time. Printers come in different sizes, from the more sophisticated equipment with a variety of features to compact ones that can be used anytime, anywhere. 

Access to Digital Tools and Affordable Technology

Before social media use became mainstream, photography was basically done by a small group of industry professionals with access to expensive camera equipment and tools. Today, smartphones and online digital applications have enabled a larger number of social media users to take professional looking photos and to post it in a snap. 

The convenience provided by smartphones have caused a decline in camera sales and a boost in smartphone use. In fact, more people have been using their smartphones, instead of a digital camera, to directly post their images online to generate instant comments from their network. 

Today’s innovations have changed the photography industry. Capturing a significant moment at almost professional level can be done using smartphones and online imaging tools. Unlike before where it takes a while to share and print photos, this can be done instantly with the technology that we have today.
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