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The Value Of Shopping For Hand Made Items

Handcrafted items are unique and special. They are of higher quality and feature more focus on detail, and they can provide some prominent benefits also.

Here are a few special benefits when you buy handmade items:

·         They are environment friendly:

When a product is made by hand, it consumes much less energy than a modern assembly line. This makes it environment friendly and green. This is more applicable when the good is produced overseas and requires a long shipping process to reach customer.

·         They are beneficial for the job market:

This is very valid point to feel good about buying hand crafted items. When you buy them, you are creating more jobs. As per one study, shifting only 10% of consumer spending in a specific area to businesses which are locally owned can create several hundreds of new jobs and generate millions of dollars in terms of local wages.

·         They are more valuable:

Many studies have revealed that people impute more value to objects which have more authentic quality. For instance, they will value an item more if it is labeled as a ‘work of art’. This implies that products made by artisans, be they jewelry or food items, are perceived to possess more value in society.

·         They are better:

People do not love hand crafted items for a mere air of authenticity. Often, handcrafted items are better. For example a study of coffee consumers found that 47% of them preferred handmade coffee than that dispensed by a machine.

·         They provide you with a ‘feel good’ kick:

This kick is an important factor in case of most consumers. As per a 2012 survey, around 87% of consumers felt that companies must place as much importance to social interest as their business interests. This includes supporting local artisans as well as products which are green and eco-friendly.

·         They help communities:

As per studies, independent businesses which are locally owned, most of whom who sell hand crafted items, provide a higher percentage of revenue to the community as compared to shopping chains.

·         They better meet your needs:

In case of hand made goods, you have better chances of customizing what you buy. Since you are dealing directly with artisans who make the products, they are more open to tweaking some aspects about the products as per your liking.

·         They provide complete experience:

As per a study, consumers in Vermont preferred buying artisan cheese because they provided a bettor sensory experience. This implies the working of both internal factors like better taste and external factors like finding something you love. Just knowing that a product is handcrafted gives a better vibe.

·         They are growing popular and easier to buy:

The net is booming with businesses of handcrafted items, sourced from artisans around the world. People are choosing handcrafted items, more now than ever. In fact, certain handicraft sites witnessed a 71% rise in sales from 2011 to 2012.

·         They are unique:

One reason why hand crafted items are loved is because they are rare and precious as compared to assembly line products from big companies. Handmade items mean that they are fewer in number and so are extra special.

These are some reasons on how you benefit when you go in for hand crafted products like from handmade shop online.
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