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There is no better way to decorate your rooms than handicrafts

Handicrafts are a strong point when you talk about India. Each corner of this country has a unique sense of style and making handmade products which looks really good as home decors.

That is why; Indian handicrafts are famous all over the world. When you travel to different states in India, the first thing you pick up as a souvenir from there is their exclusive range of handicrafts. When you think about decorating your home you should definitely keep Indian handicrafts in mind. One can also buy online wooden handicrafts products in India if they do not get authentic stores in their area.

One can also pick up these handicrafts from different fairs and exhibitions that happen throughout the year in the cities where you live. In fact, most people pick up unique decorative pieces from handicrafts fair only. So before you go for a handicraft shopping soon, it is a good idea to know a bit about the origin of these beautiful creations.

Clay Handicrafts

This is said to be the most ancient form of pottery in India. One can get to see a lot of varieties in clay potteries. They are grey pottery, terracotta pottery and red and black pottery. If you want exclusive designs of black potteries then rural areas of Uttar Pradesh have mastered the art. Terracotta on the other hand is the specialty of West Bengal. One can also get some exclusive pieces of clay potteries in parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Paper Handicrafts

The simplest but innovative handicraft is this. One just only needs paper and a lot of combination folding to make some lovely decorating items for the house. The most common made paper decorative are lamp shades, masks, kites, puppets and hand fans. Each one of them can be used to light up a corner of your room. Recycled paper lanterns and lamp shades are very common made items in regions like Allahabad, Gaya, Patna and Ahmadabad. Then there is another form of paper craft which is known as Sanjhi. They are made from hand cut designs which is very typical in Mathura. This craft is also widely dome in states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Wooden Handicrafts

This is also an ancient form of handicrafts in India and it has begun since the days of stone sculptures. These handicrafts are mainly prevalent in states like Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala and Gujarat. Woodwork can produce some lovely decorative items like jewellery boxes, candle stands, lamp shades, bangle holders, mirror holders, decorative shelves and many more. In fact one can make decorative furniture at home with good quality of woods. One can buy Indian wooden handicrafts online and decorate their homes according to their choice.

Kalamkari Handicrafts

This is a traditional art form from Andhra Pradesh. This is mainly done by block and hand painting. The main ingredient here is ‘kalam’ which means pen.  These are mostly free hand drawings that are painted or filled with colour.

One can choose exclusive pieces from these forms to decorate their rooms.
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