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Trophy Engraving Tips Nobody Tells You About

Most companies award prestigious awards to the employees to honour their dedication as well as expertise in work. But these trophies need to be good enough to be able to hold the level of importance and motivate the employees to strive more to achieve it and the value of the trophy is maintained.

If you are planning to follow the lead of these companies and start awarding your employees with personalised trophies, you need to take into consideration a lot of factors. There are considerations regarding trophies and engraving that not many people are aware of. Getting custom trophies designed seems to be a simple and easy task but that is not actually the case a lot of thought needs to be put into the designs of trophies and engraving over it.

The font style should match the required theme of the award as well as the company name. Here are some essential factors that are necessary for getting perfectly designed trophies.

The following details are necessary to be included in the engraving over any trophy presented by an organisation:
  • Who will be receiving the award or medal? The name of the recipient is obviously important. I beg to differ with the cliché ‘What’s in a name?’ A name is the identity every human lives by all his or her life. So, yes, name is extremely significant. If the trophy awarded to a deserving employee bears the engraving of the person’s name, the value of the trophy is increased manifold. Such a trophy would give rise to a feeling within the employees that they are valued and the work and services done by them are recognised and appreciated. This is essential to spread positive vibes among the employees and encourage them to work harder.
  • Why is the person being honoured with the award or medal? The reason for which the trophy is being conferred upon the person is equally important. Imagine a trophy with engraving that says, ‘John Watson - Employee of the month.’ Such trophies help you honour the employees with suitable titles and that way a trophy saying employee of the year would be more valuable than the one saying employee of the month. This way the employees are constantly inspired to strive for a higher level of trophy and thereby give their best.
  • When was the award or medal presented to the person? You may consider that the date is not much of a significance in case of trophies and engraving. But, you are wrong. Just like people remember marriage anniversaries, many people would like to remember the dates of receiving trophies as their laurels. That is why it is important that the trophies be engraved with the date of the day when it is to be awarded to the recipient.
  • Name of the organization presenting the award or medal? This is a no brainer. It is common sense to include the name of the organization awarding trophy. It not only works as a factor of recognition, but also a huge marketing strategy. The trophy you are awarding would most probably take a position on a mantle of the house of the recipient - a place where visitors lay their eyes immediately after entering. Could there be a better way of marketing? This one is like hitting two birds with one stone.
While getting the trophy custom designed, you can pick the engraving style yourself as well. Now that you know what needs to be necessarily be engraved on the trophy, you have a clear idea beforehand the amount of space needed for the writing and the logo.

Above all, the style of trophy you choose plays a significant role in deciding the engraving content. For example, if you choose a plaque as the trophy, you can even have a motivational message engraved along with the rest of the details.

Now that you know the basics of trophies and engraving, you can design a suitable one for your company.
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