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What to See in Mesa Island and Other Islands around the National Park

Enjoying holiday in exotic place are great idea. Holiday moment should be used properly as a chance to get refreshed. That is why it is great to spend the holiday in exotic places. Talking about exotic places, there are many destinations to choose. Among those destinations, visiting Labuan Bajo can be great options. Labuan Bajo is the area in Flores. This is one of the famous place in eastern part of Indonesia. Labuan Bajo can be the gate to see the exotic islands and also the Komodo National Park. There is also Mesa Island. This island may be less famous compared to Komodo Island and its national park, but it does not mean that the island is not worth to visit. What to see in Mesa Island will give good experience and this can be in the same holiday package since this island is close to the Komodo National Park.

Mesa Island is located in the west of Flores. It is around 15 kilometers from Labuan Bajo. To reach this island, there is boat from Labuan Bajo and  it is easy to visit the island. Its location is between Komodo Islands and Labuan Bajo. That is why this can be a good holiday package. In this case, What to see in Mesa Island is about the local culture and the life of local people in this island. This island is famous as the traditional fishing village. The people of this island are also called as the gypsies of sea.  Tourists can explore the whole island and it will be comfortable since the local people will always show warm welcome. If tourists also want to enjoy the moment of fishing with the local people, it can also be done. This can be great experience of What to see in Mesa Island. There may not be special spot to visit, yet this island provides special experience of knowing the local culture of fishing village.

After enjoying What to see in Mesa Island, tourists can find the other great experience of exploring the island around Labuan Bajo. Of course, Komodo National Park is one of the destination that cannot be missed. This is the only natural habitat of exotic komodo dragons. There are Komodo Island and Rinca Island as the place to find the komodo dragons. They live in these two islands and these has become their habitat for thousand years. They are the prehistoric animals that can survive up to now, so it is worthy to see them in their wild life. 

This will give different experience from seeing them in the cage of zoo. Even. When the timing is good, tourists can see the komodo dragons hunting and catching the prey. The area of national park has also other animals such as water buffalo, wild boar, deer, mouse deer and other animals. These all make perfect ecosystem for the komodo dragons. Then, there are also beautiful beaches and marine life offered by the national park. After exploring the life of the exotic lizards, tourists can see the beautiful beach. Snorkeling and diving can be done. This will be great activity since the underwater life is so beautiful. 
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