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Attractive Investment and Trading Options from Zerodha Trading House

The stockbroker who buys and sells stocks on your behalf at rates lower than that of the full-service broker is a discount broker. The discount broker does not offer advice on investment. Use of a broker is possible due to the increased possibilities available on the internet which the average trader otherwise might not have dreamt of.

Tools offered by Zerodha

One of the discount brokers, Zerodha offers many attractive options that include brokerage fees of Rs 20 per trade. There are many other charges but this low brokerage charge makes it very attractive. It offers several platforms such as these:
  • Offline trading platform
  • Z5 trading platform
  • Plug-in
  • Mobile trading platform
  • Zerodha trading platform
You get free of charge trading in equity delivery. You can use any type of platform for your trading – web-based, mobile based, or desktop based. You can open an account online but you have to fill in some forms and submit them by courier. It offers the 60-day challenge where you find improvement in your trade graph otherwise you get brokerage refund.

You get several advanced tools when you use this trading platform. These include algoZ, Option Strategy, SPAN Calculator, and Market Monitor. It has its own DP service and is one of the pioneers in NRI trading in India. Having such a huge customer base and turnover makes Zerodha a trustworthy stock broker in India.

Low charges on transactions

The lowest brokerage charge and minimal transaction charges make it one of the best options for trading on the market. You can use the payment gateway of 22 banks at the rate of Rs 9 per fund transfer. The brokerage charges are like this. For Equity Delivery, you pay 0.10% of the turnover or Rs 20, whichever is lower. For all the others such as Equity Intraday, Equity Future, Equity Options, Currency Futures, Currency Options, and Commodity, you pay only 0.01% of the turnover or Rs 20, whichever is lesser. So, you see that the most you pay will always be Rs 20 per trade.

Big trading house

With a customer base of over 200,000 customers, Zerodha has a daily turnover of Rs10,000 – Rs20,000 crores for equities and Rs 1,000 crores in commodities. It is a winner of the “Economics time’s startup awards 2016” (Bootstrap Champ class).  The founder and CEO of Zerodha Nithin Kamath won the Confederation of Indian Industry Rising Entrepreneur Award for 2013. He won this for pioneering the discount broker version in India. Zerodha Corporation has won the “Rising Fairness Broking House Award” from BSE – D&B given for the best online source of free online trading.

When you have to choose a trading house for doing your trades, you must choose a reliable company. Zerodha is the top corporation dealing with trades. To open an account with Zerodha, you must give the documents such as address proof, passport size photograph, and 2 cheques, one cancelled and the other filled with the amount of the account opening fee. You may also open a Demat account by paying the fee of Rs 200 and a Demat plus Trading account for Rs 300. You do not have any Annual Maintenance Charge for the account.
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