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Invest in the best Electronic Security System: Points to Consider

The article discusses comprehensive features that a good Electronic Security System must possess. It also explains how installing these security systems can refrain criminals from entering into your property and keep an eye on every employee who works in your company. Keep reading.

Electronic security is an efficient way to anticipate unapproved access to your home or commercial property. These security systems comprise of alarms, access controls, CCTV and more. By installing these systems, you can be rest assured of your property's safety and security.

They can be classified into three categories, based on their functionality and usage
  • CCTV Surveillance Security System 
  • Fire Detection/Alarming System 
  • Access Control/ Attendance System
Features that a comprehensive security system must possess includes –

  • HDR (High Definition Resolution) Cameras - The cameras installed are an integral part of the Electronic Security System. These cameras should have high resolution i.e. they should be able to capture all the suspicious activities happening around your home or office in utmost clarity. If a crime occurs, the security camera can provide a detailed picture of the culprit and hence help in the investigation. Therefore, while opting for a security camera make sure that it has a higher number of pixels and should at least have HD recording enabled. 
  • Monitoring Station: Any security system is only good enough if it helps in averting crimes like burglary and theft effectively.  Hence, just installing security cameras and alarms won't do much unless the local authorities like the Fire Department, Police, and most importantly you are not informed in case of any attempt of an unauthorized intrusion in your property. A 24X7 monitoring station helps you stay protected day and night by alerting the local authorities and you the moment the alarm is triggered.  
  • Integration of Various Security Systems: As discussed earlier, a comprehensive security system comprises of various things. While CCTV is an important part, there are also other individual systems that make your place secure and safe like the Fire Alarm System, Digital Door locks, Access control systems, Intrusion alarm systems, etc. If you are looking at installing all of these on your property, it may be a good idea to ensure that all of these are from one company. This ensures smoother integration of devices and one monitoring station handling the security of your home. 
  • The Technology Used - Security systems are nowhere close to what they used to be about a decade back. From full HD recording to remote access and more, there is a lot has changed to match the demanding needs of security of today. Some of the essential technical features that a good security system should have are:
o   Infrared Detection For Night Vision - The surveillance systems should be equipped with infrared detection for night vision. They capture clear pictures even when the light is very dim.
o   Motion Activation: With motion sensors in alarms and CCTVs, they trigger an alarm or start recording the moment they sense motion.
o   Remote Viewing Capability: With apps and software, you can practically control your home even when you are miles away.
o   Cloud Storage: Cloud storage lessens the dependency on hard drives which are bound to get full eventually. It saves you the hassles of cleaning up hard drives regularly.
By installing a comprehensive system, you can relax and feel secure. If your security system has these essential features, it is sure to make your life easy and smooth. Thus, make sure the security system you invest in has these essential features.
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