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Popular E-commerce Company to buy Smart Phones in Singapore

In today's fast paced world the reality is that no one has the time or better to say a single second to waste on scrolling down shops one after the other to buy a smartphone in Singapore. Actually, online shopping sites are steadily overtaking the traditional mortar and brick stores. With tremendous success and popularity, the E-commerce sector is stepping its foot in electronics business too. Singapore has proved that size of the country does not matter, the thing which matters the most is the enthusiasm and zeal. That is the reason why being a small country the online spending of it stood number one in the Asia specific region. So let's explore the fact that which is the most popular E-commerce site in Singapore.


This is not just the name of a website better to say that it is "The Mecca of Online shoppers in Singapore". As it is not only the oldest online shopping site in Singapore but also a consistent and popular site in Singapore. It is founded in January 2008 in Japan under the leadership of Giosis. The interface of this online store is confusing but aesthetics are pleasing enough to attract the attention of the customer. It's clever deal and advertising has drawn many customers towards itself. Currently, the net worth of this website in the world market is US$1.2 billion. So while purchasing any smart phone from this website can do it easily with full trust and both the eyes closed.


In the year of August 2012, it is founded by Maximilian Bitner. The interface of the E commerce website is quite organized and attractive. As it sells a diverse range of products starting from electronics, furniture and wines. It is one of the massive E commerce giants in South East Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. In the year 2016, it was brought by Alibaba in $1 billion due to its growing business popularity. 


Amazon is now on a move to open its wings in Singapore very recently. This E-commerce giant will now have to compete with other and above mentioned well-known brands to stabilize its position in the Singapore market. It has announced early discount schemes to its early visitors of its sites. So this innovative approach is adopted to outsmart its competitors. If any problem arises the people can contact on the Amazon Singapore office address to sort out their queries.  

There are several organizations has been set up in Singapore who delivers products to its customers online on time. But discount schemes are not there very much. So, for the first time, Amazon provides this opportunity to its online buyers in Singapore. For more information and update they can contact on Amazon Singapore Office Address. Today this small country has become the E-commerce hub for various E commerce giants. This has happened due to the people awareness on online shopping and less time-consuming nature of E-commerce sites. So that’s why while buying Smartphone’s any individual can refer this above sites to buy their product. 
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