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9 Excellent Recovery Tips After Breast Reduction Surgery

If you have breasts that are larger than normal, breast reduction surgery is certainly an excellent option. Breast reduction surgery can make your life easy to a great extent and you will newly discover the pleasures of life.

After your breast reduction surgery is scheduled, your surgeon will provide you postsurgical instructions. Consult Dr Naveen Somia for boob reduction surgery.
Following are some tips that will help you recover faster and you can discuss them with your surgeon.

1. Have Someone to Care for You for the First 48 to 72 Hours

For the first 2 to 3 days after surgery it’s very important to be careful about your activities and so, you should have someone to care for you during this period. They should wake you for taking medications, prepare food for you, help you to the bathroom and also be there for you in case of any emergency.

2. Ice Pack

Keeping the operated area cold will help a lot to prevent or alleviate discomfort and swelling, particularly for the first 48 hours. Follow your surgeon’s advice on this. Do not place cold compress or ice directly on skin.

3. Make Sure You Eat

Since your body is undergoing recovery and your surgical wounds should be healed, you should eat properly. High protein diet will help you heal faster. If you don’t feel like eating a lot at a time, make sure to eat a small amount several times in a day.
Eating is also important from the point of view of taking medications because you don’t want to take them on empty stomach.

4. Constipation May Happen

You will have to take pain medications and they can cause constipation. Consult your surgeon about this and ask his advice about stool softeners.

5. Sleep Elevated

For at least the first 7 to 10 days, you will have to sleep with your front up. Ask your surgeon how long you will have to sleep in this way and when you can sleep on sides.

6. Buy Plenty of Pillows

Even before undergoing the surgery, buy a number of pillows because you will need them after the surgery. Take pillows on your sides as well as in back; they will support your arms and help you while you try to roll over on your sides or stomach.
A bed wedge pillow also may be helpful in keeping you elevated. Taking a pillow under your knees and a small pillow to take below the lower part of your back is also recommended.
Pillows will be especially helpful if you are not in a habit of sleeping on your back. When you will find it difficult to sleep in such a way, pillows will help to keep you properly rested.
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7. Sleep As Much As You Want

Sleeping whenever you are tired and from time and again will give your body more time and energy for healing.

8. Walk Around But Only Moderately

After the initial days of complete rest, you need to start walking to prevent blood clots forming in your legs. Start very slowly i.e. only a couple of minutes every hour. You should not go shopping for hours.
You will find that you are tired soon even after doing things which you used to do easily before your surgery. In that case, request someone to help you with grocery shopping, looking after children and even cleaning, cooking and laundry. Repay the kindness in the form of a great dinner once you are healed.

9. Get Support to Breasts while Walking Around

It is important to wear a supportive garment for your breasts while you move around, unless your surgeon suggests not to wear one. Your breasts will require support for many reasons during this period, including scar stretching, breast shape, trauma and pain.

Follow these rules and you will have a smooth recovery period after the surgery.
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