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Rick Casper- Benefits of Assisted Living For Your Loved Ones!

Contrary to what many people think, assisted living is not about sending your parents to a home for the elderly when they advance in age. Rick Casper from California says such establishments do provide such senior citizens with the amenities they need, high-tech medical care facilities and an opportunity of take part in social activities. They can also avail services of proficient barbers, beauticians, opt for gourmet meals and take spas. Living in such an environment gives such individuals the happiness they crave for and an opportunity to improve their lifestyle.

Assisted living is an ideal way for elderly people to get the help their family members are unable to provide at their residence but not require the 24 hours of nursing attention in a medical facility. The following are some of reasons why such an environment can improve the health, lifestyle and happiness of such individuals:
  1. Providing a secure environment- In many cases, families need to modify their homes or opt to hire the services of in-home care specialists when the health of elderly parents begin to deteriorate. It may include installing alert systems, grab-bars in their bathrooms or wheel-chair accessible ramps. This can be expensive especially when such individuals also need 24 hours seven days a week supervised care. Communities that provide assisted living facilities offer such elderly people the help they need so that they avoid accidental falls and have access to the proper medical attention.
  2. Physical therapy and exercise- Rick Casper explains that communities provide assisted living facilities with various physical fitness and therapy programs to ensure these senior citizens remain healthy. Such exercise programs cater to the specific medical needs of such individuals. These could include classes in yoga, gardening, Tai Chi, light weight training and Zumba. This goes a long way in helping seniors to have fun, remain healthy and release endorphins.
  3. Assisting them with their daily activities- In many cases, elderly people find it very difficult to carry out daily activities like household chores, taking care of their personal hygiene and yard work on their own. Communities that offer such individuals assisted living facilities allow them to enjoy their twilight years with those of their own age beside availing various amenities. Moreover, such facilities employ proficient experts to provide professional help to such senior citizens with daily tasks and allow them to take up activities that makes them happy. This goes a long way in making them independent while enhancing their lifestyle.
  4. Opportunities to socialize- In many cases the health of elderly people can deteriorate when they lack the opportunity to socialize with people of their own age group. This could be because of a death of a spouse, physical ailment or when they retire. Communities that provide assisted living facilities for such individuals encourage them to take part in social events with their peers.
Rick Casper says assisted living communities give senior citizens the attention and care their family members are unable to provide in their homes. It also provides them an opportunity to socialize with their peers and take part in activities that give them joy. This goes a long way in improving their mental and physical health in the last phase of their lives!
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