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Good Reasons Why You Should Get A Dog For Your Kids

Dogs are very affectionate towards humans, and contrary to many beliefs, they are a good choice for families that have children. A dog is a compassionate friend that your kids will needs, as they are great entertainers, protectors and they will teach your kids a lot. This is why you should take good care of them as well, and you can do so by visiting a licensed Pymble vet - Gordon Vet Hospital.

Many people consider dogs to be hair shedding, smelly animals that will just poop everywhere and make a mess while bringing dirt inside. And not just that, people also tend to see them as a source or a number of diseases, and a menace in general. You have probably heard at least once a mother or a father telling their kid not to pet a dog on the street because he will give her a disease.

Dogs will always fall in love with their little humans

People who believe that every stray carries a disease are not very smart because that is not at all true. Dogs are very smart and their immune system is much better than ours, not to mention that a lot of what they can catch cannot even spread to us. Below you will have some great reasons why getting a dog for your family is the best choice you can make.

1. Great friends

A dog’s companionship is like no other, and having a dog can prevent your children from feeling depressed and lonely. Dogs are always willing to play and that is exactly what your kids need, especially if you work 24/7. A dog will become your kid’s best friend a friend who will never leave him, hit him, hurt him or fight with him.

2. Good health

As it was mentioned, believing that having a family dog will make your kids sick, is pure nonsense. There were a number of studies that show that dog owners had better health than those who did now own a dog. This is simply because your dog is an active animal, and an active lifestyle is a healthy one. Make sure you take good care of your dog too and visit
In addition, it was proven that kids who grew up in a household with a dog were less likely to develop allergies once they have grown up. They were also less likely to get sick as their immune system got straightened quite nicely. In addition, dogs are great teachers when it comes to socializing and learning about empathy and sharing.

3. Great protectors

As much as they will protect your kids without even knowing that themselves, they are also great physical protectors. Dogs have always been known to protect their owners from random dangers that might occur, and the same goes for your kids.

You could say that dogs are also like kids, with four furry legs

4. Stress and anxiety

As much as a dog will help your kids develop social skills, they are also great with anxiety and depression. Kids who get stressed easily or suffer from anxiety are more likely to get depressed as well, and a simple presence from your dog will not allow that.

Final word

Sometimes a dog can make a better companion for your kids than another human can, because a dog’s love is unconditional, which are what kids need. They do not fight and they do not argue, and your kids need to learn social skills as well as empathy while they are still young, as this will make things much easier later.
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