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Books to read before you turn 30

As said- Books are the best friends for human beings. They are something which exposes our minds towards a better place. Followed with the changes in the outlook, they even tend to motivate an individual from within.

Though novels are being published almost every day and new authors are emerging on a high rate – there are certain exceptions which directly hit you at the right spot and move you to the core.

We’ve got some those exceptions which you must read before you turn 30:
  • Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee: If you are looking for something power packed with thrill and suspense – well, then this is the perfect choice for you. The novel is surrounded by suspense since the beginning and it you are wondering to take a deep breath somewhere in middle – Mark my words – it isn’t a story which allows you to even breathe. The book revolves around South Africa focusing on discrimination of gender, race, sexuality as well as class. The reader, in turn, grabs the harsh face of reality and how humans survives at the end.
  • 2666 by Roberto Bolano; This novel in itself is a masterpiece in 21st century. Written right before Roberto’s death, the novel takes you through the blend of horror, suspense, thrill, brilliance and beauty. This novel is a journey which is highly recommended to be taken with complete peace of mind. 2666 is a perfect and unforgettable masterpiece of contemporary fiction.
  • Othello by William Shakespeare: If you are a follower of eternal classics, Othello is a perfect masterpiece by William Shakespeare. Written in 1603, this novel is a tragedy perfectly represented by Shakespeare in his words. This novel is a combination of love, revenge, betrayal, racism and jealousy. Regardless of your choices for the books and novels you prefer to read, we strongly recommend othello. This is once in a lifetime characteristic novel.
  • The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini: Published in 2003, this is the first book by the author – Khaled Hossieni – an Afghan American. The story rotated  around Amir – A young Boy – from Kabul. The novel takes you to the journey of emotions and aggression at the same time. This is a must read due to its significance depicting the rise of Taliban Regime, Soviet Military Intervention and the fall of Afghanistan’ s Monarchy
  • The fault in our stars by John Green: If you prefer the love stories, then, get yourself set with the box of tissues. This novel revolves around Hazel Grace – a 16 year old girl- fighting cancer, followed with the life changing events when she meets Augustus Waters in Cancer Support Group. The journey is a roller coaster of emotions. The quotes narrated within the novel are worth the read.
Our recommendations are worth the try for the upcoming weekends. Get your glasses out with hot coffee because a lot is waiting over for you in the next coming days.

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