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Share big not small work spaces

Understanding the struggles of freelancers, solo workers and mainly homestay workers is not up to everyone. As convenient it may seem to work from the solitary of one’s home it’s difficult when you don’t have a designated or dedicated place to work. You can spread the files on your compact dining table and call it a desk or drag the coffee table to the middle of the room and say couch is so much more comfortable than a chair but we can’t deny the fact that you can’t get any work done when you have not so professional buzz around you not letting you concentrate.

And it’s not like you can just go out and rent an office, you are one person army and renting an office and paying for energy and water bills over that just doesn’t add up from financial point of view. And to say the truth you don’t really need the whole office to work, all you need is a desk where you can plug in your laptop and start working without someone distributing after every other minute. When you say all you need is a desk then a desk is what you get. You can be a designer, IT expert or any freelancer it’s time you become a desker. 

So you don’t have to share the dining table anymore instead you can share a professional working space. People say when god closes a door he opens other door well that’s what happened here, when recession hit hard and economy is trembling with many losing their jobs, big offices are left with empty desks and many people started working on their own to beat up the recession. In all this mess is where people saw an opportunity and started renting the empty desks benefiting both the parties. 

The rent from desks helped the office to compensate other costs and where the people renting got a professional space to work with sharing amenities. Now the business took up on full swing with websites just for desk space renting that have thousands of listings. Everything seems easy and simple then what about privacy. 

It’s not like you can just leave your belongings on the desk without worrying about missing or messing them. And what If you don’t want some standing behind your chair when you are typing with a rocket speed on your laptop or the loud guy on the phone renting the desk beside you isn’t helping to let your creative juices flow. No worries, then start looking for places like located  near long beach they provide desks with privacy. 


And the bridge work literally stand by that word, once you rent the desk space with them you can get access 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Not just only to your cubicle but for the communal space as well. You can check more about them at their easy to navigate website providing you with the information and details about different membership schemes available at
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