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What is a ringtone and what are the types of ringtones?

Nowadays we all have a mobile and most of the times we keep our phone on general mode so that we get to hear if our mobile is ringing due to a message or call. Most often we want to hear a beat which gives us a pleasure every time our phone rings and that is why we change the default ringtone of our mobile to the one that we actually love. But what exactly a ringtone is? It is just a small audio clip which can be used to please our ears whenever our mobile rings. Ringtones are of several types, a few of them are mentioned below:
  • Default ringtone – This is a ringtone which will ring whenever the user will receive any phone call or message or any other kind of call. Usually people change their default ringtone and set it to the one that they actually love. Default ringtone can be of a phone call, whatsapp call, hike call etc.
  • Contact ringtone – Contact ringtone is a ringtone which is set for a specific contact as and when you will receive a call from him, then only a contact ringtone will be heard otherwise the default ringtone will be heard only. This is usually set for a girlfriend or for parents so that one can immediately get to know that it is an important call and he needs to pick it.
  • Message ringtone – Some mobiles have a default message ringtone and you can’t change it. However, most of the mobiles have an option with which one can easily change the message ringtone and set it to the one that he actually loves. There are a huge number of message ringtones available on the web and even in the mobile that you would be using. One can choose according to his choice.
  • Custom ringtones – Nowadays there are certain kinds of new ringtones that one can use as in these ringtones, one can use certain sentences and turn it into a ringtone. For example if someone’s name os Harry, the ringtone would be having a background music with lyrics “Hey harry, please pickup the call, harry I know you are busy, but please pick up the call”. These are the kinds of ringtones that are trending nowadays and there are certain websites which allow people to make these kinds of ringtones for free.
Though these kinds of ringtones are easily available on the web but it has been seen that most of the websites which are providing these kinds of ringtones are full of malicious activities and hence users are unable to get their desired ringtones. That is why we recommend users to download ringtones from the best website www.bestringtonesfree.net where one can easily find the ringtone that he actually requires. The website is free and very easy to use and one can find any kind of ringtones in this website regardless of the mobile that you are using. So, this was all about ringtones, types of ringtones and a website where all these ringtones could be easily found.
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