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The pace at which data is being created, perhaps it is becoming even harder for trained data scientists to cope with it. A reason for that could be because of the demand for specialized mechanisms that are able to manage data well. Nevertheless, people are more excited to see ahead of the curve and speculate of what lies next!
With so numbers pumping in from all sides, we humans are generating a staggering 2.5 quintillion bytes of data everyday. Wait there’s more. This product, is only going to go up as digitization is seeping in every aspect of our lives and verticals such as the Internet of Things looks to connect billions of smart appliances (homes, fridges, watches) together. Enterprise operations have now started focusing on providing big data education to their IT departments in order to leverage information like never before. Their objectives could vary depending upon the model of business, still, the major part of their efforts is focused on customer optimization&revenue capitalization. One of the foremost advantages is in regards to preventing fraud& refurbishing cyber security apparatuses.

We are just a month into the New Year and still, reverberations are being felt from what has transpired in the last two, crucial years in big data services. The three Famous-V(s), volume, velocity & variety,are taking the shape of finality and to be honest, we can expect the following in the year that is unfolding:

The spurt in the growth of Big Data –Extreme developments in cognitive solutions will propel the volume of information being generate and supposed to be handled to never before seen heights. Big data and business intelligence will bear fruition that was expected in the nascent stages of our current decade in the form of Data-as-a-Service.

Machine Learning –An already evident shift has been put in place wherein artificial intelligence and machine learning are leveraging the power algorithms to automate redundant tasks. This ambit of data science will grow even further and manifest in front of our eyes in the form of self-driven cars.

Privacy will be at risk –Download an application from the Play-Store and the first thing it asks you to do is allow it the permission to your contacts. In this day and age, it is almost impossible to maintain the level of secrecy if we want to be online.

Analytics will join hands with Prescriptive Analytics – The trend is in full force to incorporate intelligence into the business analytics framework of organizations. By 2020 the current infrastructure shall be entirely transformed.

Ground-breaking innovations in Blockchain & Augmented Reality have literally forced “thinkers” to have an entirely new outlook on big data. While its’ true that the first to take the leap of faith will be the big players like Apple & Google, the effect will successfully trickle-down do small and medium enterprises. This is what 2018 shall have in-store for all of us, the consumerization of Big Data. 
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