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Important information about amniotic fluid

Pregnancy calls for the most beautiful phase in women’s lives. During pregnancy, the fetal baby starts developing in the uterus. Women undergo many changes in their body during the time of pregnancy, and the first change made in their system is that, the amniotic sac forms inside their uterus. This amniotic sac will help on holding the baby in starting stage and building of amniotic fluid for rest of the days.

When we start looking for the amniotic fluid, this is warm, fluid cushion like fluid generated mainly to protect and to support the baby as they grow in the womb. The amniotic fluid contains many things such as hormones, nutrients, immune system cells, as well as your baby’s urine.

When we start looking into the amniotic fluid at a higher level, this will around 1 quart. Approximately, after the 36 weeks of pregnancy, i.e. around 9 months of pregnancy, the fluid level start to decrease in order to make your body prepare for the baby’s delivery.

During the time of checkup, when your doctor starts performing the ultrasound prior to baby delivery, they will help in estimating the amount of amniotic fluid in the stomach and this help in predicting the level of fluid that surrounds your baby. It is also possible to leak in the fluid at some point. Leaking of amniotic fluid is common in pregnant women. However, when you start noticing an excess of leakage, then this has known as oligohydramnios.

Let us discuss some symptoms of leakage in the amniotic fluid. First, think about your amniotic sac as a water balloon. When there is possible to break in the water balloon, this can cause a strong gush of fluid and this is possible that developing of the small hole can develop in the sac. This can result in mild leakage of the amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid may have some qualities to it. Let us discuss it:
  • This is odorless
  • This often saturates on your underwear
  • This look clear, white flecked, sometimes tinged with blood
Some women mostly during the time of pregnancy should aware of this kind of factors. Leakage in the amniotic fluid leads to a serious problem to you and to your baby. Therefore, it is important to look for the detailed information regarding the amniotic fluid.

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