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5 accessories everyone should have in their wardrobe

Well, we all know the game of styling ourselves and looking stunning in a not-so-branded piece of clothing. It isn't the matter of beauty that two people wear similar apparel yet one of them looks better than the other. The fashion-freaks know how vital is an accessory to enhance your look. You can make a plain camisole look like your 'outfit of the day' by adding a bit of bling or subtle jewellery to it. Regardless of the gender, accessories up your fashion game. You find a lot of trendy accessories in malls and online stores with humongous discount. You end up buying all that looks good and is cheap. But, the right way to choose an accessory is to know the absolute must-haves! 

Statement jewellery

The jewellery that represents your style is a must-have. It like giving yourself a celebrity look when you enter a party and put up the impression of bold and beautiful or subtle. Jewellery is an essential aspect of dressing up adorned more by women, but there are specific accessories that men like too. Select any small jewellery that goes well with your face and your attire, be it a small stud or a dangling earring. It adds up to the liveliness. Jewellery may seem tricky to use and style, but you just need an eye to find your perfect match. You can grab the latest ones in your budget on any online stores. 

Sunglasses, watches and belts

You must be wondering why are all these put up together. Well, for some reason I believe these accessories are closely related to give you an elite look. Imagine wearing an over-sized watch with a waist belt around your umbrella dress, but you forgot your pair of sunglasses back in the apartment, isn't it disheartening? Straps are although used to tighten your jeans or other bottoms; it is also used as an accessory as I explained. Apart from the primary use of protection from sun and showing time, sunglasses and watches give you a chic look! Check www.dealvoucherz.com and get a valid discount to buy that perfect watch to match your style.


A scarf is a unisex accessory that both men and women wear with equal grace. Scarves are versatile and can be tied in so many ways that if four people have the same scarf, all of them can carry it differently without being noticed. So, you can use up one scarf daily ( just style it variedly and see the look change) yet be a fashionista. It works as a headband, a shrug, a neck accessory altogether! Even a basic T-shirt and jeans would look better with a scarf around your neck. But then, picking up a flat piece is as good as wearing nothing. A bright hue will keep up the spirit of the dress-up.
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