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Fine Jewellery for Summer Time Glamour

In the current phase, the fashion industry is broadly split into two prime seasons, Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. This segregation is mainly due to the prominent change in weather between the mentioned two seasons, which directly indicates that different clothing is indeed required. Hence, a direct impact also drops on the jewellery industry, as the requirement for different jewellery suitable for different clothing styles, occasions and events also enhances. Considering the Spring/Summer season, let us analyze the varying handmade fashion jewellery styles which are trending.
Focus on Colour
·      Firstly, considering the season, one must always focus on the colour patterns while looking out for marvelous pieces of fashion jewellery. Also, the jewellery needs to complement the outfit so as to pull off an entire look. Currently, one of the major key colour trends in fashion jewellery is bright blue or vibrant turquoise. It can be paired up with a patterned floating tunic, simple blue toned t-shirt, or a maxi dress.
·      When it comes to searching for suitable jewellery, its’ always sensible to stick to opal  or blue tones for summers. However, do not try too hard to pair the exact shade with your look, as it may become a little too formal. One can happily opt for blue toned sea glass pendants, which are ideal as they are available in a variety of shades to present an elegant style.
·      If you are a wild soul and love to experiment with colors, then do opt for vintage inspired shades, especially mustard and orange. Also, if you're looking for something exquisite this season, try to check out unusual designs such as orange toned shell jewellery or sea pottery pendants.
Designer Shaped Jewellery
Apart from colour, the shape & design of handmade fashion jewellery also varies with season. Considering the Spring/Summer mode, one must be very alert to choose the correct jewellery piece that doesn’t overshadow their natural grace. This summer try to stick to low or scalloped necklines, which makes pendants and necklaces as a popular option. If you are planning to wear a plain outfit, then choose a more intricate piece of jewellery like a charm necklace. However if your outfit possesses a  heavy or bold pattern, try to opt for something a bit more simpler in design such as a single piece of sea glass molded in a fashionable shape.
The above mentioned pointers might prove helpful in your quest to grab the most attractive fashion jewellery pieces. There are numerous online shopping portals which can ease your task. One such website is Make Vana  which manages a classic collection of handmade fashion jewellery to please a wide customer population.
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