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What Are The Best Ways Of Maintaining Letterpress Plates?

Letterpress-printing is one of the most popular and traditional forms of printing. This form of printing can be used for generating business-cards, wedding invitations, and other related ones. In this case, translucent letterpress-inks are being used for creating absolutely stunning and prominent designs. With direct ink-impressions, multiple print-copies can be now easily created with this simplified and sophisticated printing procedure.
Without letterpress plates, it is simply impossible to conduct this printing. High-quality plates will always lead to improved printing and this is an obvious fact. These plates can be made of varied materials out of which polymer turns to be the best option. Most of the printing-presses are currently using high-quality polymer-plates for creating absolutely stunning and polished prints. These plates can be easily installed and adjusted without involving any unwanted issues.

Best caring tips:

If the letterpress plates are not being cared properly then they cannot be used for repeated printing. You should know how to take good care of these plates. Some of the most prominent caring tips that need to be implemented for maintaining these plates in healthy condition are as follows:
  • The plates should be regularly cleaned otherwise the ink-colors will remain with them and will not go easily. Soft dry-rags can be used for cleaning off the surface inks neatly. Rubbing too hard with rags can be quite dangerous and thus you should always avoid doing the same. If the ink-color is too very stubborn, then you are recommended using mild-solvents. These solvents will definitely make the ink-marks removed easily.
  • Adhesives over plates need to be changed essentially from time to time. Make sure that no dust-particles are getting stuck over adhesive otherwise you will not receive desirable print-impressions and on the other hand, the whole printing-procedure will get disrupted as well. Old-adhesives should be properly cleaned or removed and then only the new one can be applied. Try pulling adhesive-strips with fingernails in order to protect the plates. If you think that this practice is not easy for you then you can try out other alternatives for sure. But you should choose the safest option only.
  • You should take special care while making the plates stored. They should be stored within normal room-temperature only and direct light should never come in direct contact with these plates. Ziploc-bags can be used for storing the plates in the most effective manner. 50-60-percent humidity is enough for healthy storage of these plates. Extreme humidity-level fluctuations can surely bring dangerous or hazardous consequences and thus a perfect level needs to be maintained. The longevity and productivity of these plates can be now boosted-up to a great extent with proper storage. Light-blocking bags can be used for proper storage of these plates.
The above caring-tips will definitely help in maintaining letterpress plates nicely. If the plates remain well then the printing-process will also get continued uninterruptedly. Sometimes, the manufacturers include some of the best caring strategies within the manual itself. Therefore, you are requested going through the manual well before using the plates.

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