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How can Call Centres streamline the Order Taking Services?

In this hyper-competitive era, most of the businesses approach BPO firm so that they can deliver the best services to the customers. Of course, call centres have numerous astounding services and one of the most demanding ones is an order taking service. In addition to this, the order taking services are very important from the business’s perspective as these are directly related to the company’s bottom line. Due to lousy service experience, organisations usually have to refund customer’s money which means loss of business. Therefore, call centres have been putting efforts to make order taking services more reliable.

So, if you want to know how order taking services can be improved, given points will help you out in no time:

Sync the order system to inventory

If you are running a BPO, it is advisable for you to sync the order system with your inventory. Because customers don’t like to place an order for those products which are already out of stock.Thisthing not only wastes the customer’s time but also makes them infuriated. On the contrary, if the patrons already know about the inventory, they can plan the orders accordingly and this brings the transparency that ensures better CSAT score. Therefore, most of the companies opt for the best call centre inboundservices such as order taking to prevent hassle.

Keep it simple

There is no doubt that the agents always put so many efforts while taking orders from the customers. But sometimes inbound agents commit some minor mistakes unintentionally and that somewhere affects the business’s productivity. So, it has always been recommended to keep the database updated so that agents don’t ask any unnecessary information while confirming the orders.


Mostly, call centre agents face the customer’s wrath because of silly mistakes that they commit while collecting the order-related information.That’s the main reason why most of the BPO firms opt for automated order system that can easily increase the efficiency and keep the chances of human error at bay. Another benefit is that it reduces the workload, and that lets the agents do more productive work. 

Consolidate order channels

Being an owner of a BPO firm, it is highly appreciated that you are available on multiple channels for your customers. But, if you limit all the order channels to the agents and to a single database, it will reduce the chances of lost or misplaced orders automatically. All in all, if you want to make your reliable call centre inbound services astounding, consolidate order taking channels as fast as you can.

Keep customers informed

If you are one of those business owners who is offering call centre inbound services such as ordertaking one, it is very important for you to keep your customers updated about the status of their orders. Because if a company allows the customers to track their purchases, it gives them the confidence that they will get their order on time. Even, consumerswon’t be furious if there is any delay in the delivery as they already know about the new expected date.    

Streamline refunds and returns

Being an owner of a business, you should already know that refunds and returns have always been the part of the sales process. Therefore, it is very important to manage reverse logistics and payment refunds because both of them are crucial aspects of order taking services.That’s why it is always suggested to post return policies on the product page & order confirmation email so that customers can know about the conditions in which they get their money back from the company’s end. 

        Final Takeaway

This article will be helpful for all the BPO’s owners who want to maketheir order taking services more efficient. We have included several points that will help you to find out the hidden issues. And, if you want more information like this one, tell us in the comment section.

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