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How to immigrate to Quebec as a skilled worker?

Are you planning your dream life in Canada? The land which is filled with wonders of the nature and the one which has a high happiness index can be your next home. You just need to have the right documents and follow the right procedure to land into that country to make your life there forever. However, if you are planning to move to immigrate to Quebec as a skilled worker, then the rules are a bit more stringent. Since the procedure to move to Quebec is a little different, let us help you get there without any hassle in the entire immigration process.

What do you need for Quebec immigration?

Quebec has some kind of special agreement with Government of Canada regarding immigration and has its own rules to choose immigrants, who it thinks can adapt to the place well. The application has to go to the following depending on your requirements.
  • Quebec government to get a Certificat de selection du Quebec, which is called CSQ
  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which helps you to become a permanent resident of Canada once you are approved by Quebec government
These are the 2 ways in which you can secure a residence in Quebec as a skilled worker.

What are the selection factors?

The selection factors present in the point grid are quite comprehensive and it requires that your professional profile be good enough to help in the rapid development of Quebec labour markets. The following are the parameters checked for in the point grid.
  • The work experience that you have got
  • The schooling you have done. Your level of education and training area is looked into. If you have a diploma after the submission of application, that won’t be considered.
  • Your grasp on English and French languages
  • Your age
  • Any family relationship in Quebec or in Canada
  • A valid employment offer is required. You get this only if you meet the minimum requirements set by the Quebec employer.
  • The number of kids under 22 years of age who will accompany you will also be taken into account
  • The capacity of financial self-sufficiency is also considered.
  • There are rules regarding your spouse and common-law spouse too, only if applicable
These parameters are looked into while getting immigration to Quebec.

How to apply?

To minimize Quebec immigration skilled worker processing time, it is required that you are clear about which option, out of the two we mentioned before, you want to go for. Once that is decided, apply on the immigration portal of the Quebec government. The city of Quebec is just a few hours away from Canadian cities, like Ottawa and Toronto. Montreal is also quite close geographically and is culturally rich too. You will certainly have the best times of your life in Quebec, provided you bring enough value to its labor market. If you think that you are custom fit for the place, then don’t think twice before applying since your life will be totally transformed from thee way you are living right now.


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