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Knowledge about ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer happens to be a form of cancer that arises in the ovaries. They are a significant part of the reproductive system of women. It has been observed that the size of an ovary could be compared to that of an almond.

The causes

It has been observed that the real cause of ovarian cancer is not known
  • History of child bearing- women who have had no children are more prone to ovarian cancer than women who have had a child
  • Infertility- It has been observed that infertility does increase the chance of ovarian cancer
  • Hormone changes- if you start your menopause early then the chances of an ovarian cancer increases all the more.
  • Body weight and diet- If you are overweight the chances of ovarian cancer increases all the more. The key is to go for a diet that has a balance of nutrients along with fruits.
The follow up with this surgery
For ovarian cancer patients continuous follow up is needed.  This would also mean patients who have had a history of remission of the disease. If a woman has to have reappearance it needs to be done after a couple of years once the surgery is over. It has been observed that ovarian cancer can appear till 20 years.

Once the surgery is done and during the phase of chemotherapy the cancer patients are being observed with CA 125 tests. If a rise in the levels of this protein is found it would point to a recurrence and the need for more therapy. Most of the doctors go on to adopt a second look or figure out what is the exact cause of action after 12 month of chemotherapy.

This would involve opening of the abdomen and then samples of the tissues are taken to determine cancer cells. If you come across additional cells, then the process of chemotherapy is repeated. As far as the second look surgery evolves it is a lot controversial as it would mean that the cancer has recurred. The doctor may also you to be part of CT scan and a series of other tests.

The treatment

As far as the treatment is provided it could be for different stages and the extend of cancer where the patient finds themselves at. If you are in an early stage of ovarian cancer surgery is suggested as the aim is to cut off the cancer. Additional treatments could also be provided so that it does not come back again. If the cancer is at an advanced stage the treatment might be able to control it and then improve the quality of life as well.

Once the surgery is done in combination with other forms of treatment like chemotherapy the chances of the cancer emerging soon is reduced to a considerable extent. Chemotherapy is the best remedial action in case of patients with ovarian cancer as more than 90 % of the time the cancer is fully cured. But combination of treatments are always better. Opt for ovarian cancer treatment in India as it is the best.
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