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Goa in Rains-Experience the monsoon magic in Goa!

It’s monsoon time again and you are still planning for a vacation to a place where you can enjoy the rains to its full glory? Well, take heart and plan a trip to the good, old Goa during this time and yes, it is not a joke. The rains allow you to explore a delightful, new side of this beach destination which you are going to love for sure. 

The good old saying that describes Goa as a land of sun, sand and surf might not be true during the monsoons. This is because the sea becomes unpredictable and is best if admired from a distance. You can’t take up your favourite water sports as most of the local operators are shut during this time of the year but there is much more to Goa during rains

A Hatke Experience

While most of us associate monsoon as off season in Goa, for some it is one of the best seasons to explore the place as it is not crowded during this time. You would also get surprisingly amazing off season deals on prime properties, cabs and even on flights to Goa. The weather in Goa is beautiful in monsoon with breezy morning and evenings. 

After summers, the rains add a new touch to the sun scorched destination and turns it into a lush, green carpet. This is the time when the waterfalls and wooded trails of Goa are at their natural best. Places like Mollem National Park and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary become picnic spots during rains as locals and tourists flock to these places to enjoy a day’s outing.

The alluring Dudhsagar Waterfalls makes for a picture perfect sight and no wonder, it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. Even though the place was a famous tourist attraction, it was brought to the country’s tourist map after few portions of the famous blockbuster, Chennai Express, were shot here. 

Another not to miss place when you are in Goa during monsoon, is Savoi Spice Plantation and the drive to this plantation is nothing short of spectacular. Monsoons also spells endless hours of leisurely sightseeing to famous attractions including art galleries, museums, temples and churches. The best part is, that you can skip the maddening crowd when you visit these places.

You will love the ardour and fervour with which the colourful monsoon festivities are celebrated here. Especially, the well known Sao-Jao or the Fertility Feast of Saint John the Baptist. As part of the festival, villagers jump into wells and they come out with gifts thrown into the wells. Interesting, isn’t it? Similarly, the June end feast of Saint Peter and Paul also makes for grand festive times as both locals and tourists have a blast during the celebrations.

While most hotels in Goa which are on the beach remain closed during this time, there are enough of options in the mainland which will happily cater to your accommodation and dining needs. So, throw all your worries to the wind and enjoy the flavour of Goa immersed with rains in the backdrop!

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