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How to generate eWay Bills? It is made so easy now…!

Now everyone one knows that E Way bill is mandatory for all consignments that are worth more than Rupees 50000. Countless consignments are moving through the highways of the country day and night to serve the needs of businesses and individuals.

All of the consignments that cost more than the above-said amount should have an E Way bill with valid E Way Bill number on it to make the transportation legal. Otherwise, it becomes a violation of GST Law and has to face legal consequences.

This bill is mandatory, and it is implemented with an intention to prevent the tax invaders from underreporting the consignment to increase the income from GST to the nation. Here are the important steps in generation E Way bills.

Be registered member
Most of the businessesthat are new to the market and in need of transporting the consignment will first Google for how to generate eWaybills? Yes, they will look for the easy ways to generate the E bills. First of all, you have to make onetime registration with the E Way Bill portal managed by the government. Once you have to registered, you can log in to the portal to generate E way bill.

Create the invoice 
You should make the invoice or E way bill as per the requirements of the GST rules. Here comes the importance of the best E Way bill software if you are frequent in transportation of goods. When you use the software to create the invoices, it automatically captures the much needed information required to generate the E Way bill. There is no more need to create separate invoice with the paper and pen for the purpose of uploading the same to the E Way Bill portal.

Saves time 
The software helps to save a lot of time in generation of E Way bills at the same time of increasing the efficiency. You can easily group the consignments to the same location to create group E Way bill instead of creating separate bills for all of the goods. This process can be easily handled with the help of software.

Easy modification 
You can generate E way bills easily with the help of software. The bill can be modified in accordance with distribution of products to each of the consignment. Once you have added all of the products to the bill, the same can be saved and uploaded to the portal to get the E Way Bill number on it to make it a legal document needed to carry the consignments.

Get the best software 
Hence the best way to generate E way bill without any mistakes within a short time is to make use of the software. Get list of some of the best E way bill software available in the market to make an effective comparison in accordance with the cots and features to select the best one that perfectly meet your business requirements. Enjoy easy generation and uploading E way bills at the expense of few clicks.

Let your consignment move through the highways with a valid E Way Bill number valid till the end of transportation.
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